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Moshiheads NFT Review (Upcoming SOLANA NFT Project!)

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My thoughts and concerns about the Moshiheads NFT project on Solana. MOSHIHEADS NFT REVIEW – MOST HYPED NFT PROJECT ON SOLANA. 5 EXPLOSIVE SOLANA NFTS MINTING SOON (Best Upcoming Solana NFT Projects)

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  1. Great review bro! Love the idea of giving each category a score and breaking down a project completely. This is defo gonna be helping alot of people with their project analysis👍Keep up the hard work bro💪

  2. Man, love the video! Found moshiheads the other day. Ive been researching all week on how to flip and earn some quick cash and I think your content will really help with keeping up to date with these new projects. I’ve subbed and turned notifications on! Keep it up buddy

  3. I go to their Discord server and I don't see anything but the welcome and verify section, why is this? I can't see any minting details

  4. Very cool and helpful review. Especially with the scoring. Can you plese add Skulltoons NFT and Imaginary Ones to your review list. Thanks

  5. Hey! Nice review. You could check I Like You You're Weird NFT too then. The art is kinda similar but it is very unique, it is made by Amber Park. Hope you could review it too!

  6. Please add Ballistic Freaks to the list!!!! I am part of their community, waiting for the launch:D

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