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Most MINDBLOWING Ripple News Ever (If True, XRP WILL Destroy SEC)

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Things are crazy in Crypto. We heard some second-hand news about XRP and their timeline in the case against the SEC. Deaton has been saying that a settlement is an easy win for Ripple…. But did they just turn a settlement offer down?

I debated making this video or not. But if this is in fact true, this changes EVERYTHING we know about XRP, Ripple, and the SEC. Crypto is wild. You’re going to be shell shocked by this news!!

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  1. Pretend we know nothing about TA and want to range trade xrp and stocks. Please be so kind and explain to us in the most simple and concise way possible as if you would explain it to a 10 year old, how you increase the odds of knowing when to enter and exit a trade in order to maximize profits as much as possible.

    Your help would mean the world to me because these pandemic years have been extremely traumatic and tragic for me as I lost numerous loved ones and to cope, I threw myself head first into learning about when to enter and exit trades in order to increase my odds to maximize profits so you can imagine how I feel.


  2. Maybe you can tell us about Crypton cryptocurrency instead of XRP, which can't save anything?

  3. Literally XRP is the worst investment you will ever do trust me get out why you can and if you can’t and you want to stick it out. Albert Einstein said it best there’s a limit to brilliance but there’s no limit to being ignorant……

  4. New to crypto – please can someone explain XRP to me & realistic price prediction by 2025? Pretty big market cap so slightly put off by that

  5. Hey thank you mr vale for you thumbnail ideas .. oh your welcome thanks for GIVING CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE

  6. SCAM ALERT! Uphold sucks. I would highly recommend staying off this platform. I’ve been locked out of my account for days, zero help. I’ve done absolutely everything possible to unlock it, followed every direction and cannot access MY money. Guess it’s just gone! Stick with Coinbase, I’ve had zero problems with them!

  7. While you pontificate what will happen in the next few weeks, months and next year… The script was written 20 to 50 years ago. Your just going along for the ride.. none of the elite family members have received a public education. It's all an elaborate show put on for the retail investors. If you haven't noticed, agenda 2020 is in full effect and XRP is NOT a decentralized digital asset! Hence the reason why it's going to be the digital asset of CENTRAL Banks. Do you think they would ever use a decentralized digital asset??? Wake up!

  8. The SEC is right, xrp is a centralized digital asset, disguised as decentralized… the SEC's corruption overshadow this fact and has dishonored their credibility in their lawsuit which is eneptly prosecuted by SEC by design, causing RIPPLE to ultimately win this case, by design. RIPPLE will be untouchable by any U.S. courts at the conclusion of the law suit. The IMF will have full control over XRP and it's adoption within international banking. It won't matter how many XRP you have, if you are not authorized to access the exchanges to use them, what good will it do you? They are 50 years ahead of your thought processes.

  9. I think you are diluting yourself and your followers.
    I fact you are a bag holder.
    If you had put all those millions into ETH instead you would have made a fortune as you mentioned selling 90% of your holdings nearing the top of the bull market, “if” XRP winns the case and ripple starts pumping you will have time enough to buy XRP and ride it to new all time highs!

  10. I worked my butt off and acquired 10,000 XRP. at one time I was pretty hype about this but I am starting to lose faith. can anybody out there give me some reassurance? is this enough? is this a good investment? do I sell right after the pump when the case settles are hold on long-term?

  11. Yes, Yes, Yes… It’s going to happen! 👍 it’s about time!
    And let’s hope some people go to jail… payback! 😉

  12. Every financial goal requires patience, dedication and consistent spirit knowing that investment is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people's lives.

  13. SEC was formed in 1931. Two years later FDR signed the BANKRUPTCY of THE UNITED STATES. Fraud. The SEC should not even exist if DJT has actually dissolved the fraudulent CORPORATION formed in DC in 1871. The SEC should NOT "change". It should cease to exist and if it doesn't, then DJT is no better than all the corrupt assholes he's removing. Just saying.

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