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Nethermind pruning detailed, The Merge updates – The Daily Gwei Refuel #334 – Ethereum Updates

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The Daily Gwei Refuel gives you a recap every week day on everything that happened in the Ethereum and crypto ecosystems over the previous 24 hours – hosted by Anthony Sassano.


Timestamps and links 👇

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00:00 Introductory song
00:10 Plans for TGE from Amsterdam
01:35 Future regulation of PoW in Europe
07:23 Update on the Merge Kiln testnet
09:11 Execution merge client named “Paris”
09:29 Superphiz’s 5 Indicators Merge will occur in June
12:24 Client diversity on DAppNode
13:01 Nethermind’s full pruning mechanism
15:59 Optimism on decentralisation in Layer 2s
19:51 “reSync”: zkySync’s Biweekly n/l
21:33 YugaLabs purchase CryptoPunks & Meebits


DISCLAIMER: All information presented across all of The Daily Gwei’s communication channels is strictly for educational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice.


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  1. electric cars are eco-friendly but POW isn't ?
    doesn't really make sense it's not like you need to burn oil to mine..
    People can mine with renewable energy

  2. What about polygon chain problems ? may i ask you to explain that on the next video.
    Thanks for the awesome content

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