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  1. Thats sick , only after ppl support ur channel and u gain some views now u wanna SELL in ur premium what u used to give for free , i’m out of this channel , 👋

  2. How much research do you do daily? And what is your primary source for finding projects such as this? Thanks man, love the vids.

  3. You mean if I invest $1,000, in a whole one year I would gain $7000? I also hats the ethereum earning because ethereum cost too much to trafer to other exchange. Thanks all your videos are great!

  4. Good vid. Even greater project. $ICY has an insanely dedicated dev team with some supreme coding and automation skills.

  5. I'm in.

    Icy is still underpriced IMO

    Seeing great income so far and will only get better as trading increases.

  6. That calculator must be off, how are they getting 700% APR with less than 10% of the volume of the current marketcap?

  7. but how to find new projects? like they start, pump the price of the token/coin whatever and than it keeps falling and falling and falling. Always too late

  8. supply is huge. A quadrillion. I like the W.ethe reflections & automation.
    Only investing in one DAO – wonderland seems like the best rebase out there besides Olympus DAO – is kinda risky.

  9. considering that the dev is on twitter since Jan 2022, has 67 followers and has a monkey as profile picture.. doesn't sound very attractive to me, as a project

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