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NEW TESLA TSLA STOCK PRICE TARGET! Cathie Wood TSLA stock price prediction, analysis, and Tesla news

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In this TSLA stock video, we will go over Tesla’s stock price targets and Tesla stock price predictions by analysts. I will also address if Cathie Wood of Ark Invest has an accurate price target of $3,000 for Tesla’s TSLA stock. After we talk about Tesla we will go over the newest stocks that Ark Invest is buying. Cathie Wood is putting stocks like Tesla into her Ark Funds and if she is right about Tesla she could be right about stocks like Teledoc Health ticker symbol TDOC.

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Disclosure: This video was done by myself, and it expresses my own opinions. This is not investment advice and it should not be taken as investment advice in any way shape or form. I am not receiving any form of compensation for this video from the company or organization that I am expressing opinions about. This video is for entertainment purposes only.



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  1. Source for the Tesla Phone rumors?
    You just say "There has been talk".
    All of the videos I've seen mentioning this haven't actually provided any credible evidence that this is actually planned by Tesla. At this point it looks like a BS rumor, propagated for clicks, and not in fact true.

  2. what is cathie woods doing with nndm now, Seems like nndm is on life support. NEEDS an exorcism

  3. Anyone owning 11% of outstanding shares is huge! If Cathie Woods owns 11% of Teledoc then dang!

  4. I bought into DKNG in low 40’s thinking it was a steal at that price! I was waiting until it might hit $25 per share to average down but it hasn’t yet. I also bought LEAP call options for DKNG for January 2023 expiration with $40 strike. Here’s hoping!

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