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– What is the APENFT Announce Launchpad with Bunny Planet❓
– What is the Lady Ape Club NFT❓
– What is a voxel❓
– Is the weather going to get worse because of crypto winter❓

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APENFT Marketplace has announced the arrival of its launchpad with the first Initial Game Offering for Bunny Planet, the blockchain game. Bunny Planet won the 2021/22 APENF and TRON GameFi Hackathon earlier this year. APENFT has zero-handling fee policy and will offer NFT airdrops in the TRON ecosystem as a way of giving back to users for their confidence in and support for the platform. The launchpad will enhance the platform’s fundraising capabilities. Bunny Planet is a game from the TRON network that involves players collecting NFT characters called T.Bunnies. Players can engage in Player vs. Environment and PVP combats. The game will begin beta testing, which will involve the hosting of an open tournament where large prizes will be on offer.

TNC Group have curated the Lady Ape Club NFT project. The BAYC collection consists of 10,000 female apes that each feature unique facial expressions, different accessories, and extraordinary colourful garments. Holders will have full ownership and commercial use rights over their LAC NFTs. On July 18th, 9,000 LAC NFTs sold out within 4 hours on the STRMNFT marketplace. 90 special apes were then auctioned, with all selling out by the next day. Part of the remaining 910 assets were allocated to different community members. 700 remaining NFT are currently listed on OpenSea via timed auctions, and are waiting to be picked up immediately.

Voxels has put a pause on minting any new islands and land parcels, as well as holding off introducing any new features and partnerships. As it stands, Voxels currently has 428 plots of prime real-estate in its possession, which it will drip feed to the eagerly awaiting community at a rate of five plots per week. This means there will be enough juicy NFT goodness to keep its sales ticking over until mid-2024. To further ensure the profitability of the Voxels empire, it has also taken the difficult step of reducing its head count.


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