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Our project is about the art
We have a very simple roadmap, that can be summed up in a couple of sentences. Our project is all about releasing quality art.
By nature, the pieces will be rare since we’re only releasing a limited total number for each collection. Yes, we are curious about real-world utility
but at the same wary of making promises we cannot keep. We will however keep our ears to the ground at all times!

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Channel about: Owner Kashi Khan:
Kashi tech YouTube channel. I’m Kashi Khan Founder of the channel. Now on this channel, I told you about real online earning Tips and blogs And the latest updates About all earning sites.


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  1. This guy is a scammer. His views are botted don’t pay him for a video!!!

  2. I want to win the rule because I am new and lost a lot of money but I am glad I learned from my mistakes and I believe in your discord it is even more helping me

  3. Just subscribe thanks love the video want to get into the sol side of the space

  4. Would really love to be part of community and make some sol in process

  5. Thank you for the video I would really appreciate it I hope if there were any cheaper projects

  6. Great video ! Live your channel. I'm new to NFTs and am trying to absorb as much info as I can before I jump in.For that reason I would love to patreon spot. Either way,love the content! Keep up the great work.

  7. Thanks chase for info Could you put the link of this NFT pls.Just in case. There are fake ones I think.

  8. Wow this is big I did not set up account w them because of the fees

  9. Superinformative video but but are the options and benefits as an employer who wants to start a fund for their employees

  10. I would say this company set up with the regular j o e s in mind I was a excited to open an account with them then I found out

  11. Awesome video dude.In your next one could you look into team Akea NFT they slowly brewing in the background

  12. Your contact is the best I've ever seen…and to crown it all your discord channel is top notch in all aspects

  13. I'm new to NFT trading what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now I don't know how to trade on cryptocurrency

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