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NFT Market Update & Hyped NFTs Projects to Buy NOW | Kaiju Kingz DELAY, BF Party AMA, Lonelypop NFT

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Discover BREAKING NFT News & Updates on TOp NFT Projects (Kaiju Kingz NFTs, BF Party NFTs, Bored Ape NFTs, Lonelypop NFTs)

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0:00 NFT Market Update & Hyped NFTs Projects to Buy NOW | Kaiju Kingz DELAY, BF Party AMA, Lonelypop NFT
0:20 NFT Market Update
1:03 NFT News #1: Lego & Epic Games Metaverse
2:22 NFT New #3: Bored Ape NFTs or BAYC NFT Film and Superplastics Collab
3:50 NFTs News #2: SEGA Super Games NFTs
4:39 Upcoming NFTs: Lonelypop NFTs
6:58 NFTs Project Update: Kaiju Kingz NFTs Update
10:20 NFT News #4: BF Party AMA with The Parallax

First, we’ll talk about NFT Market Updates and NFT strategy. Then, we’ll cover the breaking NFT news about crypto gaming (Lego & Epic Games Metaverse and SEGA NFTs games). Then, we’ll look at the upcoming NFT project Lonelypop NFT. Next, we’ll give updates on Bored Ape NFTs or BAYC NFTs. Finally, we’ll cover Kaiju Kingz NFTs and our AMA with BF Party.

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  1. Zombie World Z very successfully metaverse test, they will release metaverse mode soon. Not only it, they create many event ingame hunt boss, racing top, to make good profit and increase ROI up to 20days to recovery investment

  2. These NFTs are really good! I'm just hoping that with the NFT staking of Froyo Games will allow other NFTs too to stake it there. The staking would give FROYO tokens as rewards

  3. Please cover NunuSpirits, id like to hear your thoughts about it. In a nutshell, Nunu Spirits is a Play-to-Plant game! It has a collectible NFT and has an ecological action where in while you are playing, you have the chance to help the nature out there. Please take a deep dive into it.

  4. Love this, thanks, would want a review on RPG gamefi Metagods, it's quite promising

  5. 3landers is a pretty established collection in the space…. my man seems like he never heard of it πŸ˜‚

  6. I think '3landers' is pronounced Three landers according to their artist. Great video though Looking forward to LonelyPop project.

  7. My guy said blanders 🀣..this man is a noob in the space. Shows how good he is at analyzing and adapting. Dudes GOAT in the making

  8. Yuna’s first-ever metaverse concert on β€œZepeto”, is soon going LIVE! Make sure you have an account on Zepetto so you can join! Link will be sent a few minutes before the launch

  9. How about Moodflippers and Slimhood 3d from RCC. Same group as Invisible Friends.

  10. Appreciate all the analysis here, especially your insights about P2E, quick-stack β€œvalue”, and what the NFT landscape might look like in a couple years πŸ™

  11. Good insights Patrick! Stoked to see that Sony, Lego and Epic games are collaborating πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Also you mentioned kaiju kingz delaying. I was also looking into this project similar to it called starlight NFT. But it's taking a long time to release. Might as well look into some other projects instead.

  12. the presidents NFT collection of 20 thousand pieces – already 8.8 thousand NFTS have flown away, the mines are divided into stages of 1000 pieces in each round, cool drawings, for the top 1NFT rank of the project, the developers paid 10 thousand$, and 3 people won 3 iPhones 12pro there is a 2 + 1 or 5 promotion of the same type who collected those will be given exclusive NFT 500 pcs that were voted for, for example, someone voted for Putin, someone for Elon Musk) through 1.2 thousand crumpled access to the open sea , then there will be a token issue , then staking and games with a prize fund of 250 thousand dollars πŸ€©πŸ‘ there is a large pool of 150 NFT, in which 420 BNB are divided, now 3 people will receive 140 BNB each, and there are small ones who have collected 50 pieces of nft, 180 BNB are divided between them

  13. My man be spitting facts left and right! πŸ‘
    No hopium, no copium, just good well-thought analysis. I'm bullish on Patrick.

  14. May I know why did he said Kaiju Kings is having 4E FP? Its <1 E now, and yes I am commenting on the same day the video dropped

  15. how will kaiju kingz standout if they are still making stuff in 2D when everything is 3D?

  16. Blanders Really! 3 Landers. This is a Step away from Bluechip. Come on man. Check them out an Give Em Love. 3 Landers is a really great project.

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