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Disclaimer – I am not an expert. This is not financial advice and do your own research. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes.



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  1. Whats the name of the tune at the beginning of your videos? My baby always starts dancing when she hears it.

  2. Hey i have a problem on hiveos i have 6 6700xt amd and 2 out of the i have this error and i can't get them to work unknown gddr6 but if i used windows is fine no problem any help ?

  3. You do know the rx 5700 can be flashed to xt's right? All my 5700's are making 53mh's

  4. If it's not broken don't fit it. Those are the lessons I learned with rigs, and HiveOS updates. You will never keep up.

  5. RPM! Next time just do it and give us the results, I'm sure you would've gotten another block or two.

  6. After I watched your video, I got three blocks in three weeks with 600mhs! I sold them near the top too! Thanks!

  7. I have mined 5 solo blocks since all you idiots have dropped offline because of the halving. I am mining with 1 x 3060ti and 1 x 3060 lhr and I'm cracking 1 block after the other….

  8. Don't underestimate the reach of a Youtuber and the impact you can all make. Positive as well as negative.

  9. Holding coins with a 5 or more year plan is super risky. So many coins are not even around in 5 years and this doesn't take into consideration possible global changes to crypto in general from governments, and newcomer coins taking over wtc

  10. why didn't you put all your solo mining cards on the same rig? seems like you might have had better luck that way but maybe not? and im so jealous of those strix 3090s lol ETH is too low to sell my mining revenue right now imo so im saving up the old fashioned way to buy 1 (if I can even find 1) by far the best looking cards on the market. last time I settled for a tuf gaming 3070ti but im gunna be patient and not settle this time, im getting a strix 1 way or another just because =)

  11. i'm still didn't understand how solo mining works, if we compare 1 worker of 300 mh with 4 workers with a total of 300 mh, which one is faster to get the block?

  12. 350 MH/s, 12 days, 80% luck…..but, you know, I have got nothing. no block found. Most guys mining the ravencoin solo are luckier than me…. I hope that I have not watch your vedio about the ravencion solo before… you konw, I lost more than 300 euros if I still mining the ETH…. Recently, I read the Solo mining rules carefuly. I think maybe many guys have a misunderstanding about it. Why some guys can find the block with 0% luck? Actually, he did not find the block. All the blcoks are found by the solo mining pool. Then, they would give you rewards according some algorithms. So, some one only contribute 0% harshrate for the solo mining pool, but they are luck enough. The official explanation for the solo mining is ´game´. In my opinion, it is a gamble. …. I have no interesting about the gamble…So, I will leave the solo mining of Ravencoin. Anyway, thanks for your vedio and your time. I really hope other guys having good luck in solo mining of ravencoin.

  13. I found 2 blocks in one week starting jan 1 to 7th none after that with 120 mh I Know i stole Ur blocks redpanda but i love U :)))))

  14. You were the reason I started mining Ravencoin. About the statistics,
    hasrate: 167-530Mh/s
    Luck rate according to 2Miners 4-122% average 43%.
    Found blocks: 4

    R.P.M. I definitely found one of your blocks 🙂

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  16. Started solo mining with about 180 MH Dec 13th and mined for 10 days without any luck, this was a bit disheartening. On Dec 23rd I managed to mine a block with 40% luck and then Christmas Eve three minutes before Christmas mined another block with 5% luck, talk about a great Christmas gift! Haven't hit a block since but I'm happy with what I got.

  17. I wish i can get a mining rig , i cant afford buying on . sadly :/ good luck Red Panda i love you.

  18. 3 weeks ago I started with a 2080s and 3080ti solo mining on 2miners solely because of you! After finding my first block at 9% luck (extremely lucky!), I decided to go (mostly) all in and put over 600MH up and found another block a week later at 60% luck! I stuck with it until a couple days before the halving and switched back to minerpool – I wanted to at least get something before the halving.

  19. After your first video I mined solo with only 50MH Kawpow and found a block after only 9 hours. Then I stopped. Yeah extremely lucky I know.

  20. Hey I have a random question if you were to build a rig today what gpu would you choose? Thank I love watching your videos

  21. How are you at 51 mh with a 3090? I can quite easily get 56mh on my 3080 TI? With a slight OC on mem and stock core. Some people are getting up to like 60 I think with 3080ti's.

  22. @Redpanda. .. some advice from an amateur: dont max your rigs in performance. Throttle them down just a little. They will run months on end. They make up for any of the lost hash power by staying running. When updating, update once a month unless there is a special security update or speed where it atleast doubles speed. Otherwise, let the miners be and ENJOY making money. Sometimes I see you getting too stressed out about the little things. Keep mining fun or otherwise its a job! Peace ✌!

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