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Paynyms : Enhanced Bitcoin Privacy With Public IDs

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Paynym IDs in Samourai wallet (and soon other software wallets) allow you to create a public-facing ID which anyone using a paynym-enabled wallet can send to, without compromising your privacy through the posting of regular Bitcoin addresses. This video walks through connecting and sending to other paynym users, as well as two-person coinjoins known as Stowaway transactions.

Samourai wallet website
Samourai Wallet Tutorial

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  1. I literally need to hear your voice and see your face before I do anything Bitcoin related or I get stressed. Thanks for doing this Ben.

  2. This is really a great video, but as for me i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs. Johnson Brina, her trading strategies are top notch.

  3. Good video. I just read that they figured how to “roll back” coin joins. Doesn’t sound good for Bitcoin privacy. And those flagged Bitcoin that can’t be used on KYC exchanges. Ouch!! Privacy is bitcoins #1 weakness.

  4. Keeping Bitcoin transactions private are going to have to be a lot simpler than this before Granddad can use it. Good to see that progress is being made however.

  5. Hope you guys up north are hanging tight. Thanks for all that you do for the community, Ben.

  6. sparrow doesn't support send or receive to paynyms because it's mutual if you can send then you can receive because of the notification tx on the bitcoin blockchain.. however it currently supports using paynym over soroban for cahoots payments which does not require a notification tx

  7. Hi Ben so does this mean the transaction cant be tracked ?
    the reason i ask is passing fund over to loved ones if/when we die

  8. great video. To clarify, do you have to pay the 15,000 sats for each person you want to connect with or only one time to setup your paynyms account/ID?

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