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peanut butter jelly time #shorts #scary

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  1. Hmm this is very confusing about the song it's peanut butter jelly time I'm from Miami and I've always known the song to be made by DJ chipman but it names both of them when you look it up on the internet 😱

  2. The last one wasn’t scary or disturbing it is just super sad because he couldn’t dance with his wife when he wanted to

  3. Dude if felix shot himself in my class (felix my classmate) i Would just keep drawing in my sketch book.

  4. Here's another one, the song " Go To Sleep Little Baby" is about a father whose wife has run off with another man. It's sung from the father's prospective as he's about to lethally poison the infant because he sees no other option, as he cannot take care of it himself. 😢

  5. It's peanut butter jelly time peanut butter jelly time yet it wait what am I saying this glittery dogs brother

  6. Chop Suey was supposed to be called Suicide but bc of 911, they had to change the name

  7. It,s Peanut butter jelly time peanut butter jelly time peanut butter jelly time

  8. IMHO~ The backstory on these songs actually seem to feel/be so much more "HEARTBREAKING & SAD" than them actually being "TERRIFYING"… or @ least they do to me anyways!?

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