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Polkadot (DOT) & Astar network(ASTAR) New defi borrow & lending Money market Starlay Finance (LAY)

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Biggest lending protocol in Polkadot & Astar network is Starlay (LAY)
the lay token is not live yet but i will show you in this video how to earn / farm lay token and use the app to borrow from your gains.

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  1. Starlay is a scam, be careful they just got kicked out of the ASTAR Builders Program, also ASTAR took their rewards from the DOT festival they were gona give as extra reward, for scamming investors. stay away from this project.

  2. thx, that was promising. But ya haven't ever said smth about SparkWorld. That's a pity. That project is a miracle.

  3. I'm gonna follow you! I'd be happy if ya also said anything about SparkWorld. Is it worth joining?

  4. Polkadot's ecosystem will continue to fascinate me with its innovation; Unido, a crypto custodial solution that will help institutional investors easily transition into the cryptoverse, was also built on the platform.

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