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Powered by 0x: Will Warren – All Things 0x Past, Present & Future

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Powered by 0x is a developer-focused livestream where we explore features in the 0x tech ecosystem and interview developers building innovative projects on the 0x tech stack.

Join us to chat with Will Warren, Co-CEO of 0x Labs, about all things 0x past, present & future followed by a live Q&A.


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  1. Lever opportunities can be found in RFQ processing and NFT listing processing situations. Other opportunities to capture value include licensing seats for MM’s. MM’s should fund a seat which trickles funds into the network captured value coffers. MM is like a franchise extension of the network. The network advertises and brings business to the MM. The parasite and the host. The MM should provide back to the host. Give a little love back. MM’s need to be vetted. Vetting = expending energy. How does this energy get compensated for its expense?

  2. I would like to see the network grow towards a future of self sustainment. Where it can utilize “lever” opportunities to capture value which can be utilized to fund future self sustainment R&D, security events, DAO treasury…. Self sustainment seems paramount for true deregulated security achievement.

  3. Great job Jessica. Good enthusiasm, organizing, and fielding good questions. Especially the RFQ batch execution lever opportunity question. Seize the Lever.

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