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Putin's Military Failures Inspire Hope For Peace | Elon Musk's Bizarre Attempt To End The War

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With Russia’s military bogged down in Ukraine, there is hope that the conflict could be over in a matter of weeks, especially if the Russian leader accepts Elon Musk’s challenge.

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  1. Both sides lie, propaganda is always used to get public approval. The public at large are a dumb crowd let's face it, and the manipulators know that.

    If the truth is presented by anyone on the side that is being manipulated by a lieing government, then they will jail the spokesperson or people. The dumbing down has to be facilitated.

  2. sorry guys but it was not brave from russian women, it's just part of russian propaganda 😉

  3. putin is out of his mind and will get worse lets make reservation at mental hospital help the poor disturbed man with no soul or empathy for human life

  4. People are dyiIng over there so lets make a joke over it. but a relaise that the amerikan way to to do it. hope you eran anotherr million on this.😊

  5. you cant escape ur self botton line and u cant live with ur evil heart

  6. sounds like wizard of oz wicked witch hates dororthy innocent and pure hate is in witch who wants tk destroy but destroys evil within

  7. Equitable exchange rates. And collateral damage.
    How much does the planet weight. I need that much in gold. Three times that in silver.

  8. Let me ask you some thing about media since you are asking me who my phantom is . I told you he is hans solo. An independent merchant. Black market runner. Barely legal.
    But back to media.

  9. Ohhhhhh no. What will we do without Russian junk. Owning nothing Russian is great again. They can keep Dotard.

  10. Oh PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! let this be the timeline where Putin accepts Musk's challenge & puts him in the hospital by sweeping his feet so hard he breaks his nose, after which Musk apologizes & Putin gets back to his, um… disappointing reality check?

  11. Well, Zelinsky certainly looks more attractive naked than Putin. So he gets that one by a long shot. Personally, I'd rather not see any of our presidents showing off their torsos. I like Zelinsky, he interviews in t-shirts. They offered to rescue him and he said "I don't need a ride, I need ammunition!" Mad respect to a leader who is in the trenches with his people, and does not appear pretentious as many leaders do. You're a rockstar!

  12. PLEASE do a comparison between Brett Cavanaugh's senate confirmation hearing and Judge Jackson-Brown's. His over-the-top emotional responses were a sharp contrast to Judge Brown's cool, calm demeanor in the face of stupid, racist, sexist questions from senators. Who would you rather have as a lifelong supreme court justice?

  13. Vladimir Putin will be Russia’s Vladimir Putón. Which in Spanish means…. Well, take a guess.

  14. Why the Repub Party Just Can't Get Enough of Vladimir P
    YouTube · MSNBC

  15. Did anyone else notice Jon Batiste played Zangief's theme from Street Fighter 2?

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