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  1. @Tony Zee
    1st You started your video by saying why it will be "meh" in quality. You should know that setting your audience expectation is "ok" IF and only IF your video is more than what you are trying to project. Example: My video will be meh… (but then the video is in fact high quality!). In this video, its meh… actually below meh.
    2nd Earnings topic: "very simple" "onbuff source of income". If someone says "simple" when talking crypto, that person is either trying hard to sound cool and knowledgeable OR he doesnt really know what he is talking about. In this case, its both.
    3rd You unlinked your account… to justify why you wont be able to show and explain everything. Saying marami namang tutorials dyan… so… we are watching your video and you want us to check other videos, but you said that you will explain it? Yup, #2.
    4th "Medyo Mataas" at may "konting pros" and "multi account" concern saying "MALABONG MA ABUSE" kasi kailangan mo ng initial investment which is a "Pro". facepalm sorry pero napamura ako dito. Bukod sa wala kang idea what the real deal is, whats the real reason for the high gas fee, wala ka ring idea paano na-aabuse and CURRENTLY BEING ABUSED ang system ng RoLAB NFT, halatang wala ka ring idea sa mga pinagsasabi sabi mo sa NFT. Right now I have sold 68 accounts (ranging from 5 to 75 BUSD) using LD player to reroll and hunt using the pre-reg rewards. I also have 27 accounts currently farming items, cards, resources, ropoints, zeny etc to be sold as RMT (current earnings from RMT excluding rerolled accounts is at $476). You wanna earn in this game? RMT is the KEY, not Onbuff.
    5th "Possible features to earn" dont keep your hopes up. This is an old game then they just added "NFT" in it.
    6trh 99.9% of the game is AUTO, wala kang gagawin, boring… lol halatang di ka talaga knowledgeable sa game… hayz…

    overall, shit video… but not the worst out there. thanks!

  2. Yun so kakagawa ko lng tonight idol. New subscriber na din and looking forward sa ibang ideas mo thanks

  3. So disappointed that a lot of these twats are being scammed, no wait… Im glad they're being scammed "nfts are the future" they say, what a joke.

  4. Aside from ONBUFF, If you have AGO, CA, ROC, JDR, Mastering with max default stats, wolf with max atk, etc. You can sell it to other players using real money and that will be another source of income.

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