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Ravencoin Halving AFTERMATH

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  1. Hey got a rig with 6 3060ti LHR and 1 3070ti LHR. Essentially I mine either RVN or AION depending on profitability at the time.

    Still pretty bullish on RVN and still mining it now. I think like you said in your video about BTC, it has a huge effect on overall market confidence as it tends to be what is reported by the media. If BTC is going well then it seems most other cryptos are going well and people have confidence to invest in other alt coins.

    I think this will change over time when a majority of people understand that other cryptos exist and that bitcoin is not a synonym for cryptocurrency.

  2. Why wouldn't you mine the most profitable coin (ETH) and then buy the RVN coin? you would have much more….

  3. I switched to flux at the halving. Just gonna hold my mined raven and sell if it goes up again.

  4. If you really wanna bet on a crypto project, why not mine the most profitable coin daily and each time you get payments just swap them to the coin you desire, you would pile up more RVN or any other coin

  5. Raven is going to get killed by this halving. Miners have propped this coin up for years, and they don't have enough exciting stuff coming in the short/medium term to carry on the momentum. The fact that it is a fork of bitcoin will also hurt it going forward for growth. Not to mention the crazy amount of heat while mining.

  6. Still mining with my 480 asus 4gb 5cards 64mh/s 10coins every 6 hour still happy with it

  7. Difficulty stopped following price after EIP1559 so I went from 400MH on RVN to 180MH, it continues to be about 15-20% off so I moved 120MH off of it. The 400 MH went on CFX, and the more recent 120MH went on to ETH, the new LHR miners got that 100MH rvn to 175MH on ETH

  8. I’m definitely still holding raven but I had to sell some unfortunately because a friend was selling some 1660supers for the right price so I had to jump on it

  9. lol I am still solo mining it and still have had no luck. I am holding out to get that first block. Then either going back to a pool or maybe switch to flux

  10. RVN coin only good if you have very very cheap electric if not its a waste of time.

  11. I'm still mining RVN, with one GPU at least! The other is gathering up TON while it is there to mine…

  12. Yes I am still mining solo on my two 3060ti after hitting one block of 5000 rvn before halven.

  13. I tried a card on RVN post halving but even with a 3060ti and 5c per KW/h the per day income after costs was about half that of ETH.

  14. You think this drop in profits is painful, just wait till the merge happens. So much HR will try to switch to RVN and the few other top coins like flux you'll be lucky of they are 10% of what they are now. Then you have to wait for the masses to give up and go away, dropping HR back down to barely profitable. To put things in perspective, a lot of this drop in HR from RVN would have gone to ETH and FLUX. FLUX HR visibly increased, ETHs HR didn't even blink. Now think of that happening in reverse. Lets hope the merge gets delayed because its going to be carnage 'for miners when it does happen.

  15. Does anyone else consider their breakeven when they mine the amount of coins they couldve bought instead of hardware?

  16. Been mining raven for almost a year now, gonna keep on mining it too. Everyone jumping ship are the same people who would sell doge to buy shib lol apes.

  17. I was mining ravencoin from middle of december and in 17 of January i found a block, i know this because that was prediction of profitability for my two 3080ti's but on the next day i found a new block ) after that i make a decision to return on ETH mining and hoddle this ravencoin and other from previous months
    Maybe if difficulty will drop down more i will return to RVN network

  18. can i have 1 3070 ti, ill trade you a 2080, a bottle of coke and a rainbow rare pokemon?

  19. In one of ur future vids about RVN can you bring up the Ravencoin foundation where people can help by donating towards projects. Community support is huge

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