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  1. Hi red … don't you want to try flash bios RTX 3080 TI with RTX 3090 to get 110 mhs hashrate.

    I'm waiting your video to reviw and try this trick. Thanks 🤝

  2. When ETH switch to POS, many miners will switch to mine RVN. Meaning network hashrate/difficulty will sky rocket, and exchange value will follow. So yeah, half block reward will make it half profitable.. but lets see what happens. Half the block reward, might result in many miners drops off at first. Meaning maybe half the hashrate (in that case, revenue should be the same as now) if not, im shutting of my 2 GPU RVN rig. Looking forward for the $1+ value, which should happen within 2 years. Glad I got into RVN from the beginning, all I can say.

  3. I feel like big miner will invest in rvn coin to save gpu mining and that will help miner come back . Plus more mining means price will increase because market cap will increase

  4. I doubt raven coin will go up after the having. Most likely it will go down. Its hyped right now do to the halving, and because of the fomo for mining. And guess what, nothing spectacular will happen after the having in order to keep it at the same price level, so it will go down. The price is already too high compared to last month.

  5. It has been more profitable to mine eth and swap to rvn. Get more for power usage

  6. Raven coin IMO is a horrible project, along with that it takes a toll on GPUs and it takes so much power to mine. If it tanks oh well we have better coins like FLUX and ERGO that are gpu friendly and can take place of ETH .

  7. I want to believe but unfortunately the writing is on the wall. I used to have 122,000 RVN a few months ago but sold off 20,000 to invest and stake into other coins. RVN just dosnt offer anything. I could have 200,000 RVN by now but made the wiser choice and diversified my portfolio.
    Crypto is trending to more eco friendly algorithms and RVN is lagging with new tech, projects, partners and its horribly inefficient mining algorithm. I hope that it goes up a bit buy maybe Q2 or Q3 2022, I'm not holding my breath.
    Ill probably still HODL my 102,000 and wait it out but in the mean time, there's just to many exciting and high potential up and coming coins taking the spot light right now. I'm seeing huge potential in HBAR and their hashgraph technology.

  8. Hello RPM! Are Octominer planning to bring back possibility to buy 1 pcs of their product for RPM viewers?

  9. In my opinion, this is going to kill Ravencoin and make it very unpopular. Miners are the ones propping it up now and 1/2ing the rewards is going to kill it.

  10. we have nowhere else to go i think raven coin is going to boom once ether stops and it will be huge or slowly from here on till eth stops

  11. are you thinking of moving to a new crypto for mining when rvn halves or just continuing an hoping for RVN increases?

  12. oh no they are killing the coins ! i thought rvn will be pump because of eth 2,.0 but come on we know how whales manipulate it 🙂 if rvn goes down they buy tons then rvn mining will be good again there goes the top mining coin again .

  13. I switched lhr cards to Ravencoin mining and left non lhrs on the same rig mining Etherium. I will do more testing, but electricity consumption is way up so far… I run two instances of T rex miner, cannot confirm stability yet, but the -d parameter is helpfull…. Can you share your OC settings for Ravencoin?

  14. Buy the rumor sell the news, rvn will drop further after halving, however, if you are long term player, shut down the pc forget about it now

  15. I have a question: i'm living in a apartment. I'm building a mining 3060 (now just have 4 but i'm still buy more). So 110v it ok with them or it can't?. And im looking 1 more rig 1660 super. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks

  16. Well it does take bitcoin a year to spike after its halving event, and Raven is a fork of Bitcoin. Maybe late 2022 if anything happens.

  17. RVN is going nowhere. They are ruining the coin by halving rewards. It won’t drive purchasing demand any more and will cause most miners to stop mining it, further depressing the price. I was going to throw $200 towards it but decided against it as I don’t see a use case or any demand moving forward after this.

  18. Good video, if price of ravencoin and other cryptos takes off, more than doubles or triples this year then halving won't matter, as long as price remains higher than usual then it will be nice profits. If bitocin price goes to 100k then surely, most of the others will rise too, even if its just a little 🙂 Ravencoin should go to $1.00! Ultimately, the price fluctuates.

  19. The floor of Ravencoin has been going up for over a year. Back in late October 2020, Raven sat at 1.07 cents, then the floor moved up to 1.20 cents by the start or 2021. After that the surge came in early 2021 before Ravencoin found a new floor at 4.04 cents in June of 2021, before slowly climbing and seeing a second surge in August to where it settled back down to hit it's new floor at 7.62 cents in the middle of December. People need to pay attention to the floor over the peeks as you're likely going to see many peeks along the way while it's establishing it's new floor.

  20. The reason RVN isn't going to go up is because everyone is thinking the same thing, they just want to dump it. You aren't mining it because you like RVN, you are mining to dump it. I don't care if ETH goes up because every dollar of it I mine is spent on transaction fees on the network (or held for the future). RVN is a dead chain that no one cares about, it's purely speculation with a bunch of miners waiting to dump any price appreciation.

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