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Renaming eth2, Rari Fuse on Arbitrum and more – The Daily Gwei Refuel #300 – Ethereum Updates

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The Daily Gwei Refuel gives you a recap every week day on everything that happened in the Ethereum and crypto ecosystems over the previous 24 hours – hosted by Anthony Sassano.


Timestamps and links 👇

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00:00 Introductory song
0:10 Swagtimus on long-term Ethereum fundamentals
05:51 Renaming eth2 to consensus layer
09:25 Aave v3’s optimizations on layer 2
13:00 Texture on how early we still are
16:56 Rari Fuse is now live on Arbitrum
19:01 Transaction fees on Optimism trending down
22:32 Swagtimus and Scott on saving people’s dust
24:50 Connext and Nomad partner up
26:28 Vitalik on single-slot finality
27:55 Seb from Zapper sharing video of new dashboard


DISCLAIMER: All information presented across all of The Daily Gwei’s communication channels is strictly for educational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice.


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  1. Congrats on 300 episodes, Anthony. This show doesn't get the attention it deserves.

  2. Took your recommendation to do some reading on the Ethereum website…. clicked on Learn —> What is ether? Scrolled down a bit and saw your name ! It was a link to your "Why is ether valuable". Well done, dude, it was a good read. Keep it up.

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