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Ricky Gervais Can’t Wait for Humanity to Be Wiped Out

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Ricky Gervais talks about his comedy special SuperNature, living on borrowed time and challenging his audiences.

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Ricky Gervais Can’t Wait for Humanity to Be Wiped Out – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers



  1. Just remember in the past and in the near future when civilization Falls this guy will be wearing a little hat with three or four points with bells hanging on it and a little stick trying to make people laugh there won't be phones there won't be televisions there won't be computers but the Court Jester never goes away

  2. Gervais is right to poke holes in our contemporary habit of taking offense wherever possible (part of victim mentality). Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles couldn't be made today because people would endlessly complain about the portrayals of the people Brooks is mocking, not because they object to the mockery but because they'd object to the words used and miss the satire entirely.

  3. The title/quote is cynical and nihilistic which is just can't respect. However I admire this man greatly for joking and not allowing himself to be "cancelled".

  4. Ricky, my kind of transient atheist, I agree with everything you just said there, and I don't care if you meant it as a joke, you're not right?!

  5. Ricky is our best comedian right now, and probably our best entertainer. Not just the funniest, but the most important in that he insists on speaking truth as he sees it.

  6. don't wanna be that guy, but people were able to make it to 80 in the middle ages or earlier, the average lifespan was so low because of child mortality, wars and diseases, but if you managed to overcome those it was possible to become pretty old even back then.

  7. If you people knew what you are talking about
    I can talk because i was like that before I've meet Jesus Christ,
    Anyway i just hope that once he dies and he meet out Lord Jesus Christ, says "My Lord my God "
    And he will be forgiven
    Human being/soul is the most precious thing that exist in the Universe

    God bless you all

    God bless

  8. Rick Gervais the “ comedy “ equivalent of a one hit wonder – a masterpiece of unfunny.

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