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Rogan Pelosi Insider Trading – Ripple XRP SEC Lawsuit Update – FTCA Reform – XRP ARMY HODLers πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Ž

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  1. If only you could make the commissioner’s individually liable for malicious wrong doing, and not just the SEC, then this lawsuit would never happened.

  2. You are the man you will reach 1 mil subscribers within a year i told you so….

  3. The government could cate less about the potential of loosing. The government has been full of corruption and has been exposed for years and nothing ever happens to the corrupt officials.

  4. Lets track all Senators and Congress members who have done this. Sure Ditch McConnell has profited most.

  5. I sold my XRP when and because of the lawsuit and Pelosi is one of many examples of proof that there is no such thing as equal justice

  6. ?
    Can you come to the linkto meet up at Hotel Zaza if you are not a member of linqto

  7. I honestly believe that the entire lawsuit is about getting the retail investors out

  8. Its going to be hard for the SEC to protect the retail investors when they all in jail

  9. I understand your comparison of holding XRP to sitting at a casino machine for years, however, I do not equate my investment in XRP as a gamble bro. Most people dump tons into machines and never get a jackpot. In this case, many of us will. Cheers brother James!!!

  10. ANGER Anger anger
    😠 😎😑
    Congress Is Corrupted

    Pitch Forks & Torches
    Tar & Feathers

    Deep In The Dungeon
    The Rack Awaits

    Nancy … Where Are You?

    The Art Of Deception …

    While The Rack
    Awaits Your Fate

    Suffer Ye … NOT …
    To Let A Witch To Live
    ~ Jesus Christ


    Remove Nancy Pelosi Now!

  11. "Ripple and Library are the red headed step child getting beat by the SEC"🀣🀣🀣

  12. fewer things could make me more happy than to see Pelosi in prison. she is a despicable human being.
    I'll never forget her tearing the papers of president Donald Trump's speech during his State of the Union Address. God please rip her a new one!! In Jesus name amen

  13. The SEC is being Supervised by Privateers:

    JP Morgan
    The Etherium Alliance
    Bitcoin Group
    The Federal Reserve Bank

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