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Rust Neoxa Proof of Game

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Rust Neoxa Proof of Game
If you like to play rust this might be just for you, Play to earn cryptocurrency
game server This Proof of Game concept is amazing and it bridges the gap between miners and gamers which I was a gamer first and a miner second. The is EU, but you can also mine this coin on the Kawpow algorithm.

0:00 intro
0:30 quick wallet introduction
1:30 Neoxa discord
3:50 where to download rust
4:10 how to find the Neoxa Rust server
4:45 Neoxa Rust adding your wallet
6:15 Rust gameplay & Tips

📺Hawk Crypto:
📺Red Panda Mining:
📺DJ Mines:
📺Max Voltage:
📺The Hobbyist Miner:
📺Teaspoon Miner:
📺TPS Miner:
📺Sebs Fintech:
📺Son of a Tech:
📺Mad Electron:
📺Red Fox Crypto:

This NOT Financial Advice this for Entertainment purposes only!!


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  1. After listening to the community event {on their discord}, the conclusion is this: Coastic (whatever he does) is very childish. AndyWu called people morons non-stop. The other DEV {Harvey} wasn't able to join the event.

    I don't consider this token a serious contender for the KaPow space. It's ok to be child-like but to be childish is a completely different thing.

    The above comment isn't in regard to MK's above video but more directed to the future of the token itself.
    If you want to try out this token and do Rust, the video here is very informative.

  2. The server the DEVs are using (for rust) is wrought with cheating. The metrics for the token just encourage it.
    If you have a good hardware cheat, I would suggest firing it up before showing up on this Rust server.

  3. Very nice easy to follow video. I really liked how to the point it was. Thanks! Subscribed 👍

  4. I've let the game sit for 15-20 mins until the servers stop loading and still can't find that server, even when trying to connect to the ip through the f1 key it doesn't work, am I missing something?

  5. POG FTW for sure. I wish POG was around ages ago with all the gaming hours we all have racked up already in our lives. Could you imagine POG for Vanilla WOW

  6. Grateful to you for turning me on to neoxa in its infancy….if the roblox and minecraft plans go thru, STEP 3: PROFIT

  7. Sadly, i'm not an hardcore gamer but this looks kinda fun. We should call you now The Gaming KiiNG :p
    Have a great weekend and keep on "survival" mining :p

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