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Safuu: the highest APY in crypto (and they might just be sustainable)

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Safuu is an auto compounding protocol that offers the highest APY in crypto. It is a great and possibly sustainable way to earn passive income because of the new defi ideas and innovations they have made.

Welcome to the channel! I want to be earning a living from passive income and micro caps by the end of 2022. I will share my learnings, failures and successes.

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Disclaimer – This is not financial advice and I’m not a financial advisor. Always do your own research (DYOR) and it’s generally good general advice to not invest more than you’re willing to lose.


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  1. This is going not so nice, when i saw this video, i was entousiastic but there is nothing left over from that, Dan you make this video's in that way, that people are going to put money in it, like i did, also in other projects like Drip, Thor, Safuu but they all go down very fast after investment is made. Now i must see it in the longer term, when you get invalved in these things you can not pull back easy, so be carefull with what you are promoting, you can make people very unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hit a like button i am an old man who is interested in learning and investing but this is not that easy to grasp In Hawaii I cannot use coinbase and binance so if u know any ur educational videos or other youtubers informational videos that u are aware of kindly inform this old man so that I can learn and invest thank u for ur good contents mahalo from Hawaii

  3. I've been in the space for 5 years and safuu is the best one I've invested in hand's down..

  4. Safuu and web3 project working great so far, great teams, best 2 projects for passive income, amazing 🚀🚀🚀

  5. Hey Dan, you seem knowledgeable about this protocol. Please tell me what the APY is after the first year for the next 6 months. I’m hearing 38,000%, 144%, 109%, etc., etc. I can’t figure out the math so please don’t refer me to the whitepaper Epoch schedule. Thanks!

  6. this dan clown has been deleting commwnts that show his major errors and lack of brain🤣

  7. "ROI calculator"
    "it has no basis in fact whatsoever"

    u literal dmb fk.. the calculator is there for people to see a projection of their return.. its not the guaranteed ROI if u have a bit of a brain youd already know that price action will dictate the USD ROI however the promised APY is a return in terms of the protocols token.. to suggest its some sort of marketing tool to deceive investors is total bs..
    1. every apy calculator will calculate the same numbers its built in there for convenience of the investors based on the initial token number and APY

    the only reason u dont trust this is because of ur own failure to understand again ROI is in terms of tokens of the protocol not USD value
    2. those numbers are based on facts and math.. the protocol will increase its circulating supply to support that APY and it can output those tokens after 365 days guaranteed because the contract has that supply.. if someone ends with say 50k safuu tokens at the end of the year yes they will have those tokens.. thats what the APY guarantees because the dao can print those tokens u dmmy…but that doesnt mean or is a guarantee that the protocol have that much liwuidity in the LP or treasury to pay it out or that the price will stay the same.. get it in ur tiny brain that whats guaranteed by thr APY again is the SAFUU tokens amount after 1 year. NOT USD VALUE. NOT TOKEN PRICE.. this is basics of the market smh and u dont even understand it.. u dont even understand the word "up to" means smh im subsribed to a dioti i might as well run your channel given im more competent in the subject and tbh ur s2pdty is a disservice to the crypto communty as a whole and ur brain cell count is reality to ur hair count

    if u dont understand even the basics of cryptocurrency and the BASIC intricacies of dao protocols then keep ur s2pid ideas to urself

  8. the thing i dont understand is that some people diotis have platforms but they are diotis..

    "it does still rely on new investors coming in"

    u dmb fk every protocol/dao makes profit out of the profit margin based on the demand/supply of the market.. so in ur brilliant birdbrain a protocol should be trusted when it doesnt rely on new investors coming up? get off yt u s2pid

    how can a protocol payout without new investors? you want them to create money off thin air? dioti

  9. great review.. still bullish after the certik incident? I am but curious how you feel..

  10. There was a huge kafuffle today with Safuu. Apparently Certik posted some disparaging Tweets about the Safuu CEO rather than the actual contract and allegedly did not complete the audit and has delisted Safuu. The Tweets apparently highlighted that a number of addresses in the contract were external (whatever that means). I recall that the CEO did an Emergency live stream on 5/3/22 saying that Certik had actually listed Safuu (pending the completion of the full audit). When the Tweets went out, the liquidity on Safuu took a massive $2.4M (US) hit and the price dumped, with trading volume going up massively (presumably people selling off). This is all a bit confusing for a novice like myself and although I only have a small amount invested, I'd be interested in any comments you might be able to share on this turn of events. You have already stated that you have some reservations on this protocol and I believe your reservations were justified, even before today's events. Is it normal practice for an audit firm like Certik to provide a listing (even if it was subject to completion of the audit) before finalising and reporting their findings?

  11. How are you sir? Thank you so much for the video What happens if i keep selling 1 safuu per week and take profits?

  12. What happens to the buy & sell taxes after the 398,000 APY expires? An asset that cause you to sustain a 30% loss but doesn’t appreciate isn’t worth anything.

  13. I might consider this. 1 safuu only. I already have titano and so far so good. Ill buy one safuu token only since thats the only amount i can afford and well see how it goes. If it rugs then thats an amount i can afford to loose. 💜💛

  14. my story is that I did invest maybe 5 times at different prices then when all the fud started I sold it. After couple of hours of realizing my mistake I bought at $131 and from then now doing great, if I didn't do that mistake and didn't follow the fud and the whales from presale I would have more than 300 Safuu tokens. I'm really confident in CEO and this project. My portfolio keeps growing. I love the transparency of CEO and he listens to the community and does the job done fast and that builds up the trust. He even bought OTC tokens from whales with Insurance funds and every transaction we can check on BSC. that move made the price up and stable, he also burns tokens manually to adjust the price as well.

  15. Got into SAFUU today after doing several days worth of research. Looks good and promising.

  16. Great project. I am currently watching all his AMAs which I recommend anyone investing to do. If this thing actually has legs, it would be the Defi equivalent of getting in the ground floor on BTC

  17. the price goes UP but like all the other project we need to know how low the price can fall, i think it's too early to invest.

  18. I took a chance, bought some in pink sale, then more on day one & over 3X's now, lots of possibilities with crypto, we'll see what happens 🤞

  19. Dan, as a fellow Aussie I like your work. BUT I cant believe you haven't checked out The Taven ($MEAD) yet!! Actually, genuinely, the most unique and promising PIP I have seen yet (and I am in quite a few). Please give it a look, before you miss the boat for your loyal subscribers (and yourself, of course!).

  20. I bought 7 safuu at $114 each 2 fridays ago ($1k investment). Went up quickly to $3800, like in a few days then dropped back down. Doesn’t matter. Unlike crypto the price of the coin doesn’t actually matter that much. Sure, you’ll make more if the price is up, but just by holding you’ll make money, for doing nothing. The greatest part is the auto compounding. Just for holding I have earned almost 3 coins (currently at $167 each) in about 10 days with a total of 9.8 safuu right now (about $1700). Love it! Keep up with the videos

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