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Saitanobi Token Review, Is Saitanobi Coin a Scam or Legit Watch before you buy

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You need to watch this video before you buy Saitanobi token. Is this token a scam or legit?

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  1. Not a scam lol
    – liquidity locked for a year
    – multi sig to treasury
    – Top wallet locked for 60 days
    – strong community
    – based team
    – dev is doing KYC and maybe even DOXX

  2. ?? 😂This one is definitely not a scam. I know the dev + team. Where do these videos come from?

  3. 👀 Not sure how research is being conducted these days but I can tell you from over 3 years of crypto experience that Saitanobi is NOT a scam. Great community + Dev.👍

  4. All tokens are scam untill they are proven legit. Even btc was label scam before. So that is what i think

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