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Saitanobi Token Review: Saitanobi is 80% a Scam. Here is Why!

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Saitanobi token review is for you if you are planning is to invest saitanobi, curious, or maybe you are already an investor. I have done the basic checks, on your behalf. All you need do is to pay attention to this review.

Saitanobi Token review: Legit or Scam?

Please remember to do your own research.

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If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new trend in the meme coin space. This trend involves the duplication of two popular meme coins to form a new coin that claims it has the support from the communities of projects they are trying to copy. It started with ShibaDoge. Now, we have Shibtama, Shintama, and today’s topic, Saitanobi. Expect to see more tokens like this in the future.

Saitanobi was launched just two days ago. It has been making all the right noises since then. As this token gains more popularity, there will be a lot of FOMO around this project, and reasonably so.

Hence, this Saitanobi review is for those who are looking to invest in the project, those who are just curious, and those who perhaps have already invested in Saitanobi. Before we begin, you and I need to establish an understanding.

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. This article is just a guide and nothing more.” without further ado, let’s know what saitanobi is.

According to coin market, Saitanobi’s mission statement is to change the crypto space. To make it safe, fair, and more informative for the average investor and vetted projects. Saitanobi token was created by WolfPack and ShinjaClans whales to celebrate Shinja. They already share a top holder and this token serves as a union between the two.

This description is littered with basic English language mistakes, which can be a turn-off for a certain demographic of investors. Let’s go on to review the website.

Saitanobi’s website is basic. It gives the sense of being in hell. With the hot yellow theme. You can see that the website is low effort and lacking in imagination.

The description begins with an about section. According to the website,
WOLFPACK and SHINJACLANS are the most incredible community projects in crypto. Saitanobi is bringing investors in both projects together, to maximize their gains. Saitanobi will use its treasury to buy SAITA, and SHINJA dips and help grow both projects. Saitanobi plans to release staking and farming for its holders. So they can earn SAITA and SHINJA as rewards. The project plans to airdrop 30% of the supply to both communities.


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  1. Not a scam lol
    – liquidity locked for a year
    – multi sig to treasury
    – Top wallet locked for 60 days
    – strong community
    – based team
    – dev is doing KYC and maybe even DOXX

  2. 😂This one is definitely not a scam. I know the dev + team. Where do these videos come from?

  3. 👀 Not sure how research is being conducted these days but I can tell you from over 3 years of crypto experience that Saitanobi is NOT a scam. Great community + Dev.

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