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  1. The snail is winning the crypto race. All these announcements and zero price movement. Pyramid crypto scheme????

  2. Hi Chad. Just been wondering about your new recording locations.. Hoping everything's fine. Keep up the good work!

  3. <Honestly, I appreciate you and your content, I think anyone selling their Bitcoin or Ethereum as if it was a tech stock have no idea what they are holding in the first place! I think long term holders are not going to sell a single satoshi. We are at a slow uptrend which the chances of bouncing up off this resistance is much greater than falling lower. Like you said if we fall lower, it will be briefly and then go up from there, 😊, more emphasis should be put into day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. I’ve been day trading crypto for 2 months with Mr Eddie Crypto daily signal, and insights was able to make 21 BTC as profits from my initial 6.9 BTC.

  4. Everything is in place with Shib. The only thing left is to get some major burns. Shib needs to get under 100 trillion.

  5. Only exited about whatever brings the price up! Don’t care what it is as long as it goes up!

  6. Great video. I started your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $17,300 in one month with the capital of $4,000 trading with an experience expert who guided me through out my trading.

  7. < I totally agree with what you are saying..I joined the crypto world in June 2018 ,and I bought in.I was up 5x by December only to watch that disappear quickly and then watch the original investment go down by about 85% during the ensuing 4 year bear market. I took the opportunity to accumulate more over the last 4 years which was hard to do and at the same time a smart thing to do. I wish I had bought more. I am in profit for now but I am planning on using my experience and what i have learnt from Louis Chung.have learned from you and other Youtubrs especially my mentor Louis Chung . who taught me how to make trade and increase my crypto from 2btc to 13btc that no one really knows what is going to happen in the market and I know you are only saying what you think will happen based on the past. It is yours and my opinion so people should make their own investment choices based on their own research…

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