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Should the Cosmos Hub $ATOM Implement Smart Contracts?!

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Cosmos Hub Proposal #69:

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00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Cosmos’ Design
03:14 – Interchain Security
05:58 – Proposal 69
08:20 – CosmWasm Benefits
09:28 – CosmWasm Drawbacks
12:28 – Core Cosmonauts’ Views
15:10 – Jae Kwon
18:44 – My View

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  1. It's a certain no for me. Security and Decentralization should be the top priority of every crypto. Do you know how Ethereum Classic came to be? Why has Ethereum had so many exploits? Why is Polkadot taking the same approach with relay chain? Why is Cardano moving so slowly? Security is a top selling point, especially for institutions. Cosmos is working perfectly as it is, there should be no rush to implement new things.

  2. Airdrop in 2 Years… goes to everyone except anyone who succumbed to the ploy (voting NO with Veto) will be excluded.

  3. Cosmos blockchain is a software. Just like any other software, the last thing you want are rushed features. Hard No With Veto on this one

  4. Whatever airdrop you may get this will always be less than what it do to rerate your existing atom investment … this is hugely dilutive to atom and to what atom has always been meant to be at the core of cosmos … please reflect on that

  5. Thanks

    Uncomfortable with the bribe by GNO. I abstained a couple days back, but this definitely needs to be revisited, revote as complex. Thanks

  6. People, who encourage others to go vote specifically, and depending on the vote, promise airdrops, should be excluded from the ecosystem, aswell as those, that follow the call. They´re all a threat to the ecosystems security and a disgrace for decentralization

  7. thank you Cito for being transparent and upfront about your opinion on the matter, and I'm happy to know that you took the more rational decision, since I do delegate my ATOM to Stakecito.
    In regards to the proposal itself, I'll add that it's too risky to play with security, which has been a core feature of the hub, and will be even more so when the interchain staking goes live. In the mean time, for people that get anxious about the ATOM price: sell it! sell it all to me, I'm happy to buy at lower prices 🙂

  8. I am gonna vote no. I am looking at all the tweets and trying to see there perspective but if you look at Jacks he is just like go go go add cosm wasm. When the reality of it should be that everyone who holds and stakes atom should be worried about security first. In the video you have it that Billy is all for it, but he also has a tweet where he says he is ok with going slower with updates if atom holders and stakers are ok with it. Thats the thing, Jack is trying to make it seem like it has to happen now for updates and stuff to the hub. But even without cosmwasm doesn't mean that updates have to stop on the hub. People claiming cosmwasm will add relevance but interchain security adds relevance. Doesn't mean it shouldn't or couldn't be added later. So i dunno why people acting like this vote is just one and done game over.

  9. Thanks you it's clearer for me now . So abstain or not : i'm more in the camp " not for now , let's see later " cause what is great for $ATOM is that it's works perfectly and i like this idea of neutrality . I hope it don't gonna affect too much cosmos hub traction short/mid term .

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