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Should you buy DeadFellaz NFT? | Brutally Honest UPDATES ep. 2

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  1. Lol this isn't gonna age well. DF just sighed with UTA with an exclusive partnership.

  2. i didnt comment on the last few but they were all awesome, i learned alot from this and from the WoW vid you did, i agree with you the art of this isnt something I "have to have" , but i say this about many projects, this project is much better than WoW in my opinion as far as the art and looks like very female oriented so thats nice to see success there, team seems good though , just dont need the art, semi cute ,definitely better than those dogs you mentioned today that hit 4 eth lol WoW i feel has gone too far in their plea for people to "buy and support women" , like they are the only female nfters in the world or something ? the art is not even looking like a women it looks more like bruce jenner but thats cool too , just not a woman, and all womens faces are not the same copy and pasted over and over again super lazy style which is WoW art , sorry im so annoyed by yuga lifting up these mediocre projects just cuz they are king makers its not decentralized, its like bitcoin buying up ethereum and all the other tokens and everyone cheering it on ? i dont like yuga buying up everything and i hope someone challenges them , im not really impressed by them air dropping a mutant and a dog and a token even our project with 5 people working it is doing stuff like that, our token was out before ape token but they got on exchange first, there is so much good art and so much good female art its sad for one project run by friends of yuga is to be picked by yuga as a permanent female "king of women nfts" , bitcoin domination falls each year compared to alts, i would expect the same from nfts , more supply of more tokens more alt nfts means the wealth will spread out to new nfts that are coming out year after year, the nft market even on eth is so small its funny everyone knows each other, its not real at all, its a bunch of wash trading and paid celebs being gifted them etc, but im having a blast in the space, so i aint leavin, i will say the short cartoon yuga made this week with they "chosen friends' in the spaceship was well done, but thats the only impressive thing ive seen from them

  3. another good one! I was the same on the art for this one. kinda like the pets more tbh

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