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It’s about high time for another Primal Carnage: Extinction video! This video is a crazy one AND a long one, so strap in boys, because there is a LOT of conversation to be made, covering ground from the utter state of Primal Carnage, to football, to the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence.

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  1. First video I've seen, wrong as shit intro bullshit I've ever seen… good video 👍

  2. You could say blaze and davidled are cringe bc I swear they use aim bot they hit me every single time…and no one cares about cheaters….

  3. I wonder how therizinosaurus would work in this game. Probably would have to be a new class

    And maybe for humans a new class that can deploy a turret or something…

  4. Being a console player or I use to be a console player yeah this is normal very normal like all the glitches are normal it was a normal thing on primal carnage console like those glitches specifically

  5. Azalea acro is just the Dinosaur King acro

    You cannot change my mind

  6. I'm already in my adult life, and when you brought up the subject of something productive, I was sad. I don't know what to do with my life, what you said touched me a lot.

  7. Hello, Pesky! I am your long time fan from Russia! Thank you for acknowledging how stupid and dumb this whole war situation is. Putin is truly a braindead goblin. In his delusion he imagines himself some sort of feudal king of old, having rights to claim lands and throw his own citizens in jail by the thousands every day. His level of evilness is almost reaching Hitler’s.
    But I find the american corporate leaders also extremely stupid. I just don’t get it how deleting mcDonalds and coca-cola from Russia will help in stopping the war. I would like to play Primal Carnage with you, but I can’t buy things off steam because of the stupid sanctions.
    Your vids are supporting me in these shitty times.

  8. I actually like your videos, sadly PC:E is dying again I was happy they brought it back :/ I haven't done a Video in a while because I'm to lazy 🙁 😅

  9. I just find irony in the fact that you start the video with "Dead dinosaur games with toxic communities" and complain thats the problem, Yet 15min into this video and you have been nothing but toxic. Its okay if you wanna be that, I even subscribed before watching this video. Just don't understand why you would complain, then non stop be what you're complaining about. All I see is people running around playing the game, then every 5 seconds you're sitting there calling them names and being toxic, I just don't understand the logic.

  10. Politics… when it comes to wars it’s not that Putin is stupid it’s that he wants it he’s a cold smart man and is doing what he wants based on how he wants his country and if he can’t have his way nobody can. Also so excited to know that PC primal carnage is on its way to console (ALMOST)

  11. Is there a server for pc?
    can you help me? is there a multi-vote server? for pc

  12. Man I've loved primal carnage for like forever man ever since it came out bro

  13. I dont really work out but i love to draw while listening to your videos playing in the background or the side of my screen, lmao make me laugh sometimes and i tab in to see whats goin on (i end up getting sidetracked with ur content sometimes but its worth it)

  14. Anyone know if theres a mod that replaces Trex's roar with Jurassic Park rex's roar?

  15. I used to play primal carnage when I was younger and I just learned about extinction sadly. I was looking forward to playing this game but it looks so much different from when I played. It looks worse then the 2012 game.😢

  16. I actually started playing Primal again because Pesky encouraged old players to come back to the game in one of his videos, but seeing how he talks about most players makes me not want to play anymore. One reason I began to play again was because I thought it would be cool to meet Pesky in the game but I feel like he was being extremely rude and mean to the other players here (I know he usually isn't the kindest person to the people he plays with but this felt a lot worse than usual) and I know it would just make me sad to watch a video where he talked about me that way. I've been subscribed for a long time but I honestly felt kinda bad for playing the game even though it was because of Pesky that I came back to it…

  17. I wish this game had AI bot feature where you can play offline with bots.

  18. I'm actually a new viewer who wishes he can play this game cause it looks like fun

  19. my colour blind ass 'you can turn the blue carnotaurus into… the blue carnotaurus'

  20. I love that my pesky likes the content of (imo) the only other good isle YouTubers.
    We need a crossover episode on legacy isle. Funny blue carno and whatever beaver decided to be.

  21. The “got damn” picture is the best thing my eyes have witnessed this week

  22. When you're at the gym, just know that every single person that's in there was in the exact same position you're in when they started, not knowing exactly wtf they're doing yet still wanting to be fit. So dw, keep lifting, no one who's actually a decent human being will judge you.

  23. To be fair a lot of the issues with primal were caused by attempts at fixing other issues. Like the round resets being changed caused the teams to stay the same and the reason the hatchet has that delay now is because it could be abused so pathfinder could fire rapid speed. Also on another note if you want to avoid sweats just play on officials.

  24. Honestly the Primal Carnage devs need to ask the community for balance changes and new stuff in the game. Not just do it because you need to the update to seem bigger.

  25. Is funny how this is a "dying dinosaur game" and still somehow gets ddosed lol, me and a friend wasted multiple times a tryhard abusive kid on TDM and as soon as he left the server got ddosed lmao, so yeah you are not wrong about the toxic community as well

  26. about the tdm rounds thing yea ps4 been like that sense we got it so we are used to not having “rounds” lol

  27. Sir I am brand new to your channel and I have subscribed to you.

  28. Pesky, I am so happy you brought up Dino bash, I have been playing it a lot recently because of beaver as well and I am having so much fun with the game. I know you probably won’t see this comment but I just wanted to say that I was really happy when I heard you say Dino bash. Keep up the great work on content man.

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