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Spending 17 ETH on AZUKI! AZUKI Airdrop mania … is this the next BAYC? All things AZUKI +NFT Alpha

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The DYOR Show Episode 16

In todays episode we cover all things Azuki as @renegademasterr makes another big move. Is this the next BAYC? Join us as we cover the NFT project that is taking the NFT world by storm.

0:00 – Intro
1:11 – Azuki
4:23 – “Something Official” Airdrop
10:10 – 20eth floor barrier
16:50 – Bobu the Farmer
17:38 – 18eth investment…
22:40 – Conspiracy theories
27:00 – Bringing value to holders
29:45 – 420eth Azuki Sale
30:48 – FewoWorld drop mechanics
35:25 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER : These videos are for informational and entertainment purposes only. Opinions expressed on this channel are solely opinions and you should never consider this show financial advice.


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  1. you mentioned you are staking for yuga land sale…are you staking ETH or APE?

  2. That's when you know their is f u money in the nft market.. buying a ugly one mill nft in down market ? Art isn't that good either dont get it lol and boring backgrounds ?!

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