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Spending $44,950 on Crypto Miners as Bitcoin Crashes

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I just bought 9 more Bitcoin miners for nearly $45,000 and now Bitcoin’s price is crashing. Is there a method to my madness? Or am I just making dumb decisions? I dig into that in this video! ▼▼

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  1. I can’t believe an S19J is down to around 5k. That’s amazing. What an opportunity these days.

    I also can’t believe how expensive the hosting fees are tho. But hey, it’s better than running all that stuff, and babysitting it yourself. So, it’s worth it.

  2. Hi, Im Nicholas Johnson – you may recognize me from my cameo appearances on the youtube channel, Your Friend Andy.

  3. Mining farm without any investment or effort has become a reality – no risky investments – everything is as transparent and simple as possible

  4. Spent $45k on BTC miners when you can make exponentially more by just using that money to invest into other cryptos. Why would you spread yourself so thin?

  5. Why 16 candles is all I can wonder about after watching this 🙂 Great content as always, and an interesting strategy with selling your hardware. Thank you MyFriendAndy!

  6. Very misleadng.
    There is huge inflow of miners, so asics are still very expensive. So much that price/profit is even worse than it was during the bull market. In other words bitcoin crashed hard, but asic prices held much better.
    Also with the recent energy prices increase, its much more difficult for small miners to compete. You need sub 8c electricity to even make a profit. At 11c you are at a loss currently, and 11c is lower than most people pay.
    Also before next bull market many new asics will come out. What he bought is a previous cycle tech. These miners are alredy 2yo, aint no way hes ever gonna get 10x out of them like he states.

    I just want to say he makes it sound lucrative but really is a huge gamble for very little profit.

  7. Andy, buddy you giving out all my secrets lol great content I just recently purchased 8 ..T19 directly from bitmain just could not pass up a sweet deal $1.6k per miner new, will used them now and sell them once the next bull run starts .. I am up to 66 BTC miners now ..!!

  8. I contacted Musk, but have not heard back. How long does it usually take for them to reply to inquiries?

    Can I start with them hosting one miner?

    Thanks for making these videos!

  9. do not forget that mining difficulty will increase in time / when btc gets more expensive so your miners wont be making the same amount in time but less

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