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Splitting ATOM: The Cosmos Hub & ATOM Show | Interchain Security, IBC routing, MEV & more!

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00:00 – Welcome back, Jack!
01:04 – Sommelier updates
02:25 – Sommelier Cellars
04:58 – Sommelier Demo
05:40 – Cosmoverse updates
07:25 – Cosmos Appchains vs. Ethereum Rollups
13:00 – Aptos excecution layer
15:55 – CosmWasm / Move
18:12 – Cosmos security
23:40 – Mempools
30:45 – Tendermint improvements
35:00 – Skip mitigates MEV on Cosmos?
39:50 – Cosmos x Polkadot
46:20 – Celestia making Interchain Security obsolete?
52:25 – Axelar making IBC routing obsolete?

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  1. Top notch as always. Zaki is a fountain of knowledge and Jack does a great job of teeing him up 🤣

  2. More people from Cosmos need to engage more with Podcasts like Bankless and talk there. I would really love to hear somebody knowledgeable like Zaki on that show going deep into technical discussions. Because here everybody just agrees, but it would be so interesting to always have somebody from a different world ( ie ethereum ) to contribute to the discussion and bring in different opinions.

  3. Sunny was not present, the lab should and in the end it would work, how to build a new guide from Osma token in reaching the final number of tokens. osmo will add a real fee. I think 0 will not be enough

  4. I see for myself as a user, some networks have more and more minor problems, as the network grows and others grow too, they will need maintenance

  5. Remember, vivinút Cosmos Sdk. Zaki, it is correct to stick to the idea of ​​the flood.

  6. It is important to get back the amount of tokens from the delegation that no one guarantees me in the form of 7, 14, 21 days.

  7. I expect APY to return 100 tokens to my wallet from the delegation in at least 1 year.

  8. so, as a delegator who secures the network with the help of a validator, I have an example of 100 tokens that cannot be selected soon, they will remain delegated there.

  9. Cryptocito , an advice if there is noise you can mute your mic👍🏻👍🏻good video though

  10. If interchain security is useless compared to celestia and axelar, atom may never gain value. It is a pity that creators of cosmos do not recover much money or much less money than other cosmos chains.

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