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Stephen A. SOUNDS OFF on Dak Prescott's optimism | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith joins First Take to discuss whether Dak Prescott should be optimistic for the Dallas Cowboys this year.

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  1. I've been saying the same thing since the dude came in the league. I don't know what everyone sees in him. He's trash. He'll never win a ring. What Dak is good at is saying what you want to hear and making decisions on the football field that don't make him look like an idiot. There's a reason he couldn't throw to Dez. He doesn't see plays develop that well. He's more likely to take a check down than put the ball where it needs to be. His stats look pretty decent, sure, it's apart of the manipulation and mindset that is Dak Prescott. He's trash to me. He'll always be trash. I can't believe he's the guy who took Romo's place.

  2. I’m just sitting here laughing at all the pathetic cowboys fans trying to rationalize their average quarterback in what’s going to be another failure of a season. Nothing the cowboys aren’t used to I’m sure

  3. I’m a Bengals fan so I can’t speak for Dak but I’ll say this Stephen A-hole Smith you call him the worst interview in sports. Says the same thing all the time every year question have you ever seen Belicheck #1 & #2 it’s not his job to give you insight we’ve all seen how ethical & trusting the media has been over time we’ve never seen a misquote or inaccurate info thats lies the media is always truthful. Lol please

  4. Nobody:

    Cowboys Fans Every Season: This Season Is our season to go far

    Playoffs: losses in round 1 or 2 or misses the playoffs completely 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  5. This is disgusting from Stephen A and the lack of awareness is a ironic! Dude says the same thing about the cowboys every single time he talks about them with the same ole big words he found in the dictionary at Howard . His boy Aaron Rodgers is also a useless interviewer but he’s never called him out about it! Has he ever even said this about BB of the patriots? Or TB12? Foh you clown

  6. Im a steelers fan and hate the cowboys. I love the fact Dak never gives the media anything. Tbh, no one cares if Dak gives a good interview. Its fun to watch and only hurts you in the media if you give anything to the media. SAS is a loser fosho. Also, i thought Molly was replaced and got hoodwinked at the very end. Thats the only thing that upset me during this clip. PLEASE REPLACE MOLLY.

  7. Lmao he answers without answering and I like that about him. But COWBOYS GOING TO SUCK!!!!

  8. This woman is out her mind, lol it's optimistic season lol. This is why the Cowboys never get better, because instead of idk maybe spending money on receivers, or improving the defense, maybe if you address things that need fixing you might, you know be better?

  9. As the leader of the Cowboys Dak is very humble. He obviously knows it’s his time to step up this year or this team won’t even win the division. A dark horse to win MVP this year.

  10. I hate when the moderator makes themselves part of the debate. This woman is even worse than molly

  11. But if Dak say he would come on first take to let SAS interview him. SAS would rush to the opportunity. SAS never even answered the question. Just disrespected the man. His interviews are a waste because he doesn’t want you to interview him SAS 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  12. Y’all saying Dak struggles but he literally has the number 1 offense every season was literally in mvp conversation at a point in time and him being optimistic about his team is bad? He just can’t get passed the first round is his only knock

  13. Dak is overrated he struggles every year in a division that he should dominate he doesn't get it done 6 years 4 playoff appearances 1 playoff win nuff said

  14. Stephen A. smith is right about Dak. Dak says the same thing every year after games and before the season.

  15. Him and every other sports network never rips anyone else for their optimism but only Dak smh

  16. It cost millions of dollars for 30 seconds of tv air time. ESPN just shiit on about 10 million dollars of their money to tell us that. Somebody wiping their ass with 10 million dollars would of got more use out of it than espn just did. That was a bigger waste of time than daks so called interviews

  17. Dak best quarterback in division vs bad injured defenses and in garbage time

  18. How much does the cowboys pay the media for them to talk about this losing team every day?

  19. Cowboys should win third division every year and make deep playoff runs but odd reason they dont

  20. What is he suppose to say? They talk about how the cowboys are always in the headlines and a accident waiting to happen blah blah blah. Dak is a leader and always says the right thing but gets this from SAS

  21. This is the reason why dak will never EVER!!!!come on y’all show all you do first take is disrespectful a man that leads the right way and says the right things and doubt him because he’s optimistic like wow proves me right makes y’all blood boil

  22. Why is the director so sleepy? Is he or she asleep? On so many videos the chosen camera stays on the person who isn’t talking

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