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Switched all my Barn mining rigs to Ergo & Neoxa

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  2. Great one the video as always. I''ve been mining one rig getting 160 m/hz / 24hrs Neoxa pulling out from herominers. The payouts are excellent but on Tradeogre damn!! 720 confirmations per payouts. 😴😴😴😴

  3. Great video. You still have about a week and half to stack those coins. It’s going to be a blood bath as soon as the merge happens and then the next day will be like Black Tuesday. The profits should fall to 0 or pretty close. Here is a example by the numbers we ran if you had a gtx 1070 mining after the merge we are coming up with maybe 1-2 cents a day on most coins before power. And I think a few days after the merge it will be even worse. The wars are about to begin my crypto brothers.

  4. Now im mining Dual ETH+KAS(+20%) with LOLminer, but now thinking about to switch to only KAS mining with BZminer. Thinking about maybe i cant sell ETH (6-15 maybe longer of September)

  5. well done well done well let the one with the ethereum have fun now in the last few days let the ball come to his head he doesn't know where to hide and where to get caught it's all magic is all magic it's the one with the ethereum he's riding the rod don't tell me what else he has ridden we fixed him dude good continuation rpm

  6. What an awesome analysis of the current situation and no it was not too long, I am sure many here appreciate all that effort, I do and say thanks to you. One point I note is that many of the miners do not factor ROI or depreciation into their calculations. Are you not able to consider other forms of energy such as Solar to offset that huge power cost? Anyway, you know what you are doing and I am sure it will all work out. Stay well.

  7. On neoxa from begininng… In start i was mining 1200 neox/h. Now, 2000 neox/day… And. Merge not even start.

  8. I've been solo mining neoxa. never had enough hash rate to solo eth and others. hitting a block is really satisfying getting the whole block reward. its been a fun ride for the last month or so but its getting harder now

  9. GPUs and Coins may come and go…
    But the fish will always be here for us. It's the true mascot for the RPM channel

  10. Good video! I am amazed that you have so many GPUs that are not mining and just laying on the table. Why would you just sell them and invest in crypto instead of these GPUs just lying around?

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