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Ted Cruz Wows CPAC Crowd with Lively Lib-Owns, Trump’s Stolen Documents & America’s Most Wanted Bear

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With another day of war in Eastern Europe even the Taliban are pushing for peaceful resolution, Russian forces have taken Chernobyl, a 500lb bear named Hank is wreaking havoc in Lake Tahoe and should maybe have his own reality show, President Biden made his choice to fill the open Supreme Court seat, the House Oversight Committee has expanded their investigation to include how Trump absconded with sensitive White House documents, day two of the CPAC conference is underway with Trump set to speak tomorrow, the whole experience is available in VR, Ted Cruz wowed the crowd with his lib-owns, there are all sorts of seminars for attendees at CPAC with crazy titles, the CDC relaxed their mask guidelines, and we open the Corona time capsule for a February edition of “This Month in COVID History.”

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  1. CDC really did botch the whole panic!!!! I can’t think how they could have done a worse job.

  2. The definition of stupid is. known the true seeing the truth but still believe in  Donald Trump lie.

  3. You make me laugh when ever i wash your show. U always make my day

  4. We hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women are created, by the, you know the, you know the thing.

    – Joe Biden

  5. CPAC turns off all comments and dislikes in Canada Why? Are they afriad of freedom of speech?

  6. He's just letting you all know all that man destroyed land was first his! Human violators.

  7. What would we do without our great comedians to help us laugh? Sometimes
    things are kind of distressing and we need
    help to keep our sense of humor. We love
    you Jimmy!!

  8. In Pennsylvania bears have been known to break in to homes. It's nothing new, they've even broken into cars lol.

  9. Let us compare the bravery and leadership qualities of Sen . Ted and President Zelinski . Pres. Zelinski says he will stand and fight with his people , even with bombs and missiles raining from the skies , he proves to be a man of his word , and stays. The lights go off in Texas and people are literally freezing to death , Sen. Ted flies to Cancun where it is warm . Zelinski is an actor turned President . Cruz is a senator turned actor .

  10. Trump's lover putin would have killed trump for any of his anti American laws if he had been doing that in Russia

  11. It won't drive me bananas if you laugh at me I'll just give you the high sign

  12. Well I'm sure the bear will break into some one home with a gun , problem solved

  13. And how many documents did he flush and tear up? When he said people flush their toilets 15 times now we know where he got that number from. Wasn't us flushing toilets it was him. Did any of the toilets even work in the White House 😂

  14. did flu shots 30yrs well covid will continue not are we ever over virus or pharms need money

  15. ted cruz says silence you silence ur self ur big mouth dont impress me

  16. oh my goodness have a feeding park feed the bears bless ur heart cost of food is rising sprear a little food

  17. This is Jimmy Kimmel! He is a talk show host! Duh! He will do whatever it takes to get a rating. Senator Cruz? Come on Jimmy. You can do better than that.

  18. Im starting to believe the Trump cultist really think in their heads that they are not as obsurd as they really are in reality eh? Mind-boggling really 🤯

  19. I can't tell how many times I've deleted my emails…every single day I delete emails…lmao!!!

  20. Ukraine literally translates to "border land" thats why it's called the Ukraine ( or the border land ) its not like saying the Disney land or something 🤔

  21. Hmm hank is bigfoot 🤔😂😂…hank just tryna eat some scraps and get his swoll on…but seriously people save hanks life ..quit feeding him …dont feed wildlife period and chase them away

  22. I find this disgusting that Jimmy Kimmel thinks making jokes over a crisis in the Ukraine.

  23. I mean at this point it's just a parody of themselves..
    What the hell is Ted Cruz even talkin about,,just release your mind and laugh at them like Tucker Carlson on crack.

  24. Blackout Cruz IS THE JOKE! Run away T.C there's another blackout pending.

  25. someone should tell him that the grandpa munster look is out of date.

  26. dam jimmy give us some warning next time my god the bear was enough but the woman, at least I think that was a woman. but dam I can not unsee that, and its burned into my brain forever!.

  27. I think it's high time we call these humourless dingbats to their faces. The moment trump left the office, these clowns absolutely lost their comedy skills (or they did have any skills to begin with, I don't know)

  28. All the Trump fascistas neanderthal are talking trash at the dictators conference.

  29. Bone Spurs Donny Dumpf stole documents but Cancun Cruz thinks stealing documents by the former failed twice impeached president tRump isn’t an issue? Shame on you Cancun Ted Cruz.

  30. republidumbs like trumptraash, moscowMitch and Mrs. moscowMitch are hoping for a punkputin victory so they can blame President Biden


  32. "there's a war going on right now"
    *audience chuckles"
    wtf is wrong with you people. he wasn't making a joke. not yet.

  33. Have the CIA capture Putin and bring him back to California. Feed Putin to Hank the Tank. Problem solved. Hanks picture on the ten-dollar bill!

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