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Terra Luna Classic⚠️THIS* just crashed LUNC!!!!

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  1. As a public service announcement selling and buying back is usually a taxable event. if you sell and buy back your LUNC, make sure you pay the 15-60% tax in gains to the IRS or local tax authority and the mandatory short term tax rates and 3.8% mandatory O'bummer care tax and your local state tax (if in US). IRS and other European tax authorities are paying whistleblowers and also using Palantir to suss out tax cheats on dexes and exhanges. As a public service announcement this is a reminder to pay your taxes if you are not hodling. Don't get Saylored…if you claim to live somewhere without taxes and haven't given up citizenship or renounce residency (depending on country), then are still due in your home country (with interest and penalties for every day late)…as a public service announcement.

  2. Good. We need sell offs. We need to get the price down before burn implemented and also, sell offs create buying opportunity. Also, we are still UP 🤑

  3. Seems like we made a Wave 1, then a Wave 2, are we in a Wave 3 (2 of 3 correction) with a 3 of 3 getting ready to skyrocket? I guess we'll see!

  4. Bro it is called "Be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy" – Warren Buffet

  5. Not selling any because I bought the majority back when it was quad zero 6. This thing will go much higher.

  6. Oh my goodness, this was not a crash…. people need to buy before the green candles start printing!

  7. If you call this crash go down of 19% in the past day I think u exaggerated! It goes up of 200% a month…

  8. Binance has suspended transactions of Luna so updates can be made on their system. Once trading resumes the pump will continue. The sky is not falling young man 😂😂

  9. You are a straight up clown No one takes you seriously You wanted Luna to go down but now you're seeing that it's going back up. Only thing that's going down is your reputation and the respect we had for you.

  10. It didn't crash! The world is watching and #lunatics are becoming more conscious towards achieving their goals through collaboration between all groups and pages on social media.
    Tip: Dont sell your tokens to the bunch of guys playing it short on luna classic and wanting you to sell your coins at a loss. If everyone takes profits. It will only create more fear as we go along. Think long-term and it will move up rapidly.

  11. Man…it did not drop off a cliff. It's doing a normal healthy retracement after a massive bullish move. You can't go straight up for ever.

  12. I hate these stupid shocked click bait faces. And if you are truly shocked by profit taking and investors cashing out for the weekend, you truly shouldn't be commenting.

  13. Not crashing , this happens every holiday weekend, nobody is trading they are with family. Lol.

  14. This is normal for crypto! Take profit, but remember only take profit if you have enough in it or you could lose money. Gas fees and other fees are high! When the 1.2% burn is put in that is another fee so be careful with taking profit.

  15. Lets decompress, let the price adjust a little then head BACK to the MOON!! LUNC FAM WYA?? Come join our LUNC community that we are building! only TRUE LUNC holders allowed! LETS GO TERRA LUNA FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hey LUNC FAMILY, we just released a few new LUNC videos if you could check them out. HUGE things going on for LUNC with the burn! Check it out and let me know what you think man! Building a STRONG Terra Luna community together, come check it out and join! LETS GO TERRA LUNA!!

  17. I've been telling people that its Friday and this is the day most retail investors and lots of whales take their profits. They sit on the sidelines, wait for the dip to hit bottom, then jump back in for the next wave up. It's just the way this whole world goes.

  18. That means you're taking profits. Aren't you a genius. You suck at this, whatever this is you think you are doing. You also need consolidation. It should not continue to go up and up.

  19. It’s obvious and was expected for people to take profits. It went all the way to £0.00029; i am actually happy it crashed as i was waiting to buy more which i did 😁

  20. Negative people get active, in fact they are not able to tolerate and to understand an uptrend… they keep asking to take profit but never suggest when to buy 😂

  21. I hope the price drops because then the tax will burn more and it will be easier to burn when the prices are low

  22. its normal, what comes up must come down and its healthy for it to come down it can't just climb thats not healthy

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