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Tesla, Jack Dorsey's Block & Adam Back's Blockstream To Mine Bitcoin With Solar & Battery Power

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  1. i hope they use recyclelable saltwater sodium ion batteries like greenrock and not the not green lithium batteries that distroys landscapes

  2. mini nuclear reactors are WAAAY better. god i hope this doesn't fail just cause it would be embarassing.

  3. Nuclear power! Solar sucks doesn't even work. panels leach mercury into the ground water, nuclear waste is minimal and well contained and what of the e waste of solar panels as well?

    ya welcome. we shouldn't pander to retarded people. using energy is good. obvious to anyone with a brain.

  4. Great content, poor delivery. Some of the best projects have terrible marketing teams and speakers… KHAAA

  5. Fantastic! This will shut up all those fake hippies.

    That said, the real clean energy is nuclear.

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