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Tether is a bigger indicator of whether the crypto market can stabilize, says Kate Rooney

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  1. I think that Tether is now an island of an adequate state of things in the crypto market.

  2. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving crypto trading a trial. I was able to make $21,572 in one month with a capital of $3,000 trading with an experienced expert Naomi morgan who guided me through out my trading

  3. I came here to learn about bitcoin after listening to an investment podcast where the guest mentioned how he made well over $250,000 within 3 months of investing $70,000. somehow this video taught me nothing and left me even more perplexed, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas on how to invest for retirement

  4. Blessed will be those who have made LUNA purchases in the last 30 hours or so! God's righteous right hand will guide the price of LUNA now! It is ridiculous to think that it will stay so low for so long. Cryptos don't go down THAT much without fighting back. It is unreasonable, unsustainable, and quite frankly inappropriate to expect that. Thankfully in the coming weeks it will be hovering well above $1.00… ATH? Will be a long time possibly. Will it reach the $15 or $20 mark in that time frame? Maybe 3 to 6 months, but the fear has got to stop. Living in fear is unhelpful, and fortune does in fact favor the bold. It is how the universe works. Cheers, and I send you all my best wishes and hopes!

  5. Teid puupaid on naljakas vaadata kuidas te pooritate ja uritate targad valja naha aga ei tea tegelikult sittagi

  6. Stop the excessive headlines. Bitcoin never even went below 26K. We all know your goal of screwing over the little guy

  7. Tether's recent brief drop to 0.94 means that investors had to pay $60K fee for every $1 Million they cash out. Tether's advertisement was $0 fee at all times, which is false.

  8. Tether was used to manipulate bitcoin in 2013 and 2017. There's a 43 page report on it.

  9. There is a HUGE risk that tether isn't backed 1 to 1, or at least isn't anymore because they're likely investing some of the money to generate a return and with this crash I'm worried – PLEASE CASH OUT YOUR TETHER just to be safe – you're better off holding it in cash or putting it into something else just in case it turns out they don't actually have a 100% backing – in which case they might crash!

  10. Crypto is not a store of value… it is simply an accounting scheme…. Central bankers allow it to remain, because there is value in having a complete record of every transaction for intelligence purposes.

  11. Alllll they are talking about is crypto. Plleeasssee don’t let these guys trick you.

    They know what the future is; crypto. They are trying to shake you out.

    Absolute criminals.

  12. They giggle, economic experiments, while real people suffering so bad. They giggle, how cute of them to smile while millions of newbies in the market get rekt

  13. Now tons of graphic cards will be sold in scrap used in crypto mining grid. This was expected. Nobody is ready to buy these crypto because they are banned by governments globally and also it's a big scam to hide black money globally. Graphics cards prices too fell down and selling for 70 % discount rates already in Hongkong, china and Japan.

    What if these women got smart and started washing their bloody menstrual rags in the kitchen sink , instead of , using tampons and pads , it is a desert because , your menstrual blood is the catalyst for life 🧬 , nothing will grow with out it . Rats rabbit , pigs , fish , trees , bushes grass , everything comes from YOU .

  15. Crypto is moving crazy this few days but if you are smart then you should know the best thing to do is go all in.

  16. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how

  17. I'm new to trading. Please how can I make more profitable investment in crypto without incurring much losses?

  18. What was the allure of Tether other than the "stable value" ? Was there an income from it? If so, derived from what?

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