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TEZOS – Crypto #Shorts
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  1. < Stay calm, these consolidation periods are temporary. Those who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work! and also Thomas Jack has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 16btc lately<

  2. I hope to earn more coin through this website above,so glad I trusted their service 👌👌🙏..

  3. I hope to earn more coin through this website above,so glad I trusted their service 👌👌🙏..

  4. I am a bit of skeptic, but know a lot of aspects about BTC. So, let's make few things straight – BTC is an investment asset – like gold, it's scarce, but it's easier to acquire it and big players like pay-pal and grayscale are holding it, same with a lot of banking institutions, hedge funds and masses of people,Self-host wallet btc owner whales have a hard time selling it without doing KYC and in some cases, this can wreck them financially. People lose access to their btc wallets which makes that btc frozen for all time. The Hype and FOMO is on the rise and most people only buy and holding with btc. I mean you have to understand that normal stock market fundamentals don't apply here. It's not a 2017 – 2018 scenario. The regulation added to BTC can actually even make it more desirable(although have a minus). Basically, anything that could stop the mooning of btc imo would be extreme regulation restrictions and also better investment opportunities discovered by btc owners.However , it’s is best advice you find a working strategy/daily signals that works well in other to accumulate and grow a very strong portfolio ahead. I have been trading with Mr. Aron Mason Craig daily signals and strategy, him guidance makes trading less stressful and more profit despite the recent fluctuations. I was able to easily increase my portfolio in just 4weeks of trading with Aron Craig daily signals growing 1.5 BTC to 6.7 BTC. His daily signals are very accurate and yields a great positive return on investment and is available to give assistance to anyone who love crypto trading, you can contact him on Telegram @ Aroncraigsignal.* * for inquires and profitable trading systems…

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