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The Best Ethereum Merge Explainer You'll Ever See

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The Ethereum Merge is the biggest story in town right now as the fruit of tireless core developers’ labour receives its final preparations before taking its place as the centrepiece of an enormous blockchain banquet. Will it blend seamlessly or will it burst asunder and make a horrible mess of everything?

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  1. I never ever thought that someone will put cinematography and crypto in the same Video.👏

  2. So to decentralise eth and make it more accessible, instead of needing a couple of thousand dollars to start earning from it, you'll need over 100k. Anyone who speaks of decentralisationg at this point is an idiot. The majority shareholder of ethereum is JP Morgan if I remember correctly. And they're making sure only the rich will be able to profit from it.

  3. Very well explained but I keep on finding it difficult to learn or become an expert in trading by watching tutorials here on YouTube though some videos on Boxmining channel have quite been helpful in getting me along with the Crypto space

  4. Hmmmm suddenly craving fresh cherry toms. Beautiful work as usual. And gonna get mom to make me a steak. lol

  5. The sharding design for eth2 has changed, there is a new thing called #danksharding, its seems like a simpler version of sharding.. I would love someone like you to cover it..

  6. I never thought of applying my love of cinematography and crypto in the formula your team puts out. Amazing work as usual!

  7. The Ethereum merge that forms a key part of the so-called Ethereum 2.0 upgrade has been delayed until the latter half of 2022. In May, you will get a copy of all the coins in your metamask on the ETH fork, Pulsechain. Almost zero gas fees, free copies of your ERC20 coins and its faster.

  8. How is the number 262,144 derived. It equals 128 x 64 x 32, but why not just 128 x 64?

  9. RIP to all the tomatoes that gave thier lives to give the best eth merge explainer video

  10. All clear, but there's still one thing I am struggling hard to understand:
    How the hell is this channel still at 100k subs?? You deserve 10x more

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