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THE FUTURE OF CRYPTO- Harmony One / Bitcoin Bridge

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Joe P discussing the NEWEST / LATEST release for #Harmony #ONE and the #Bitcoin bridge.
0:00 Intro
0:31 The Issue Solved
1:17 The Future – Harmony
4:07 The Harmony Bridge
5:55 Bullish or Bearish NOW
6:40 1k giveaway
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  1. I wish harmony could work more on marketing not many people know about your project and BYC bridge yet.

  2. They will be rolling on the crème de la crème of updates .

    Can’t wait for the no seedphrase 1 wallet that will linking with Apple Pay, enabling défi and NFTs purchases as well need to confirm this i heard briefly on their meetings a while back .

    Thé intégration of AAVE coming will seriously push the TVL including prices .


    Comments recommending an alleged expert trader/broker expert that will help you make profit, all telegramwhatsapp links and numbers is a SCAM

  4. Next week Harmony One ☝️ will be launching trustless ETH bridge!!

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