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The State of Ethereum Mining April 2022

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  1. There are many ways to make Money online, Cryptocurrency mining is one unique way to do so😉

  2. I also think that we are more than likely watching the end of the "proof of work" algorithm come sooner rather than later. Hobby mining Bitcoin has been gone for years now.

  3. You should check out Voskcoin's latest video which is 2 hours long. He had a couple of Devs in that video. I personally think that we fucked cyrptocurrency up by letting exchanges and centralized organizations and companies get involved and put a "fiat pricetag" on it instead of keeping it separated frm the central bank systems.


  5. The largest ETH fork ever is coming around the 15 of may. Why are people like eyes wide shut ???

  6. You might be "sick of it" but in reality you owe it to your subscribers to discuss it openly and stay on top of it. Think about how many people you influenced to invest in mining rigs. A collapse of income is yeah, like maybe sort of important. If you drum up interest in mining then you don't have the right to stick your head in the sand and sloth your way about ETH merge. Of course the thought of the merge sucks but we need to hear the insight and thoughts on this. I have no idea how you can get "sick" of talking about something that affects 99% of your audience and will put income virtually to ZERO for your audience. There might be other mining revenue post merge but nobody can predict that.

  7. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works..I’ve been an investor with him since 2019. He’s been a great mentor and account manager to me

  8. Panda…. Coinbase offers ETH staking and they pay out ETH2. Caveat is you're staking your ETH until 2024 possibly. That's CB's language, not mine.

  9. Yea its gonna take some time after the merge for people to find what is the NEW thing, and what's hot and what's not.(profitability) plan plan plan guys. *take care everyone

  10. Always classy my boi! Seems like ppl are getting scared!😱 just bought 2060s under 220 each

  11. it´s a good opportunity to see a new coin growing up and we are all part of it. I keep the good memories on Ethereum mining it was a nice way to walk along with this great community and i know this way isn´t over yet. 😁😉

  12. Is this a different day? It sounds like the same old…

  13. I wish ETC would change their algo to something ASIC resistant, would make a world of difference for GPU miners profitability and they could then soak up a massively strong and decentralised network of all the GPU miners left behind after the merge.

  14. Eth forgot us miners. We stayed securing the network during bear markets.. who will secure Eth when all the bulls decide to dip?
    Sellout coin going to be effed soon.

  15. so the ones who got rich are the only ones allowed to be rich from now on, is there going to be anything like eth in terms of profitability. or is this another situation where its the cool kids club and every one else can suffer,?

  16. im still mining, got a sweat deal on a FHR rtx3080 localy. to bad that's basically all my funds I have saved up…

  17. It would have been pretty funny if all of this was just smoke and mirror and the MERGE finally happens like they stated at the end of the summer, like SURPRISE SELFISH MINERS, IN YOUR GOD DAMN FACE!

  18. Question: Given the delay in the merge, if you were to start mining today – would you mine ETH and then change to ETC (or something else) when the merge happens or start mining ETC instead ?

  19. Equilibria (XEQ) will explode then. Hybrid of POW and POS…..Mining and Staking.

  20. Hey man can u tell me how to check previous configuration setting on HIVE. I change my Core and Memory setting and forget to save previous one. Now I want to use the previous setting for Mem and core, I dnt remember the numbers.

  21. I said in 2018 that I very much believe PoS for ethereum really isn’t possible until around 2024

    The reason is the rate at which difficulty is increasing, is not fast as any bomb they could set off, and the problem is block times will ALWAYS suffer if they try to force it. It can be done, but it will take a long time.

  22. sighs the eth network is already slow, so lets slow it down more and pay the ppl that support the network less ya that seems logical smh i see ETH dieing… we were supposed to be at POS YEARS AGO

  23. Here's the fundamental fact: ethereum needs miners to secure the network all the way up until the merge happens. There will be misinformation and possible outright lies all the way until that point. My analogy is that of a company that pays very well but will be laying 90% of the company off soon (ie firing the miners)…. Should we stay with the company and work until we're laid off, or should we go ahead and find another job. That decision is going to be different for everyone. One thing I know for sure…The company will never tell anyone the precise date of the layoffs… Because they need all the employees up until the last minute. Everyone has got to make their own decision.

  24. Going to try and keep mining. Have solar so might have to limit mining to daytime only for a bit until electricity prices calm down on this side of the pond…

  25. Been saying it over and over again, this merge is not going to happen easily or swiftly. It fundamentally changes everything, down to how the coin is given value

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