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This Chains Will Collapse – Cosmos HUB

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You going to 0 too.


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  1. These chains that cant hold themselves up via validators, can switch to interchain security and just get rid of them. I think this will allow them to float for a lot longer.

  2. You will soon have to make a new video about Cardano, can you see by now Cardano is winning the game? Or not yet?

  3. This was a real eye opener
    Very bad time economic time and I think it is going to be hard ahead too
    Real test for whole crypto world
    Hard times never last but hard people do
    So I think we should research more on these projects and pick the strongest of them and then take decisions accordingly

  4. I like your channel. sifchain to 0 lol , y are they all trying to rob us 😢

  5. I agree that it's hard to get interviews .
    When I reach out to people, most say "join out discord" and then I usually don't. Lol
    Cerberus lead dev did talk to me for about 40 minutes about his chain so appreciated that.

  6. Akash & SIACOIN is a decent comparison.
    It seems tokens that are related to infrastructure have a hard time capturing value. I'm not sure if oracles, computing, or even something like Amp will ever see price appreciation even if people use it.

  7. Wise words my friend! Although I don't believe projects like Akash of dVPN will die. Those team all sold a lot of tokens to keep building for a few years.

  8. Paige and I feel so lucky to be a part of your life, we get excited for every like. Thanks Marcin, send my love to Youteee.

  9. We need voice like Your. Thanks for Your thoughts not advices. Greetings from Poland.

  10. Ahh yes more crying from you about Sifchain. They invited you to the townhall last time you cried and guess who didn’t show up??????? LOL

  11. Would love to see you open a discord/telegram so you could actually explain your points of view with examples, maybe go on an AMA, i heard you were invited to townhalls but you never showed, i would like a back and fourth in regards to your opinions in some fassion, its good being critical but theres no point if nobody can question you about anything.

  12. Can't disagree. I'm ready to load up (a few hundred dollars cuz I'm poor) if Atom, Juno, Persistence, and Osmo drop to mcap close to ~100M.

    Edit: if Juno/osmo drop to 100mcap. If atom drops to that mcap then consider it dead lol

  13. Good to have an opposite opinion than everyone or at least a spotlight on what could happen

  14. Don, what do u think of EVMOS? Do u think the hype around it is justified?
    I keep my bags staked, but decided I would be selling all my rewards immediately and waiting for the hype to die out and price go down, then buying back in.

  15. high inflation tokens will nuke even more. sadly in cosmos ecosystem there are a lot of them.

  16. the way I calculate the potential bottom price is assuming lowest market cap for the project proportional to the strength and size of the community around the project. For instance, project with small community such as Sifchain IMO can go as low as $5-10M, but with ultra-high inflation of Rowan, the price can bottom at around $0.001. For projects with stron community, but still not much of the use case, such JUNO, i'd expect conservative 25-50M of MC. OSMOSIS has strong community and advantage of having some actual use case, so i wouldn't expect OSMO going below 50M of MC.

  17. hehehe, Tank from IBC_Gang was making assumption that if 'ONLY 5%' of $15T synthetic assets moves to CMDX… fucking crazy assumption!

  18. Don, it is a very critical time and the worse yet to come, in my humble opinion it is better to take a break from crypto until things settle down

  19. Jokes on you Im Greek and we have zero money due to bad politics 🙂

  20. All crypto tuber are just spouting nonsense and paid, price goes down and still recycling garbage hype to the people.. don'y know either being paid or what but is so misleading… people are just basicly left with bags..go figure

  21. I followed your financial advise, and now my portfolio is in the toilet…. its your fault, reimburse me, lol

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