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This Crypto Game Is Set to EXPLODE in 2022 – Cosmic Universe – Harmony ONE

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If you’re looking for a fun game to play and earn REAL money while you play, look no further! This game is primed to make investors and gamers have an incredible year. Cosmic Universe is being built on the Harmony ONE protocol and also the Unreal Engine. That’s right! This is a 3D world immersed with lore, community, AND rewards. Make sure to watch until the end of the video to see why I think a new update is going to provide this project with tons of longevity! Remember, I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advise. Please invest your own money responsibly.

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  1. I think it will actually be more like 100x. The market cap currently stands at about $10 million. I could easily see this getting to $1 billion like DeFiKingdoms.

  2. does cosmic-one payout in cosmic or in magic? i put money into both cosmic-one and magic-one for the same reason you mentioned. but it says my rewards are in magic. magic has gone up ~200% since i got in 2 months ago, so i'm not complaining

  3. I’ve been in this project since day ONE. It’s amazing to watch it develop. Wizzard Blizzard is a workhorse and his ethic is impeccable. I am certain we will rival DFK in MC and that $MAGIC and $COSMIC will make plenty of millionaires in 2022.

  4. Dragon evolution is blowing my mind, this p2e project is on a whole new scale, anticipating hard for more dev

  5. World of warcraft was my initial thought as well, imagine if it got that popular 🚀. super bullish on this project! put a fifth of my portfolio in the LP…. 700% APR compared to 10% staking ONE… i still have some ONE staked but Cosmic Universe will definitely help grow my portfolio.

  6. Cosmic Universe, another solid project upcoming on Harmony.
    Hey Clay, have the land sales been completed on Cosmic? Have I missed that one too? lol

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