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THIS GAME IS CURSED! – Dread X Collection 5: VESTIGE (Full Gameplay)

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Welcome back to Jar Red Gaming! In this video we will be checking out the Dread X Collection 5: Vestige by Philisophic Games (Axis Mundi).

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About the game:
When playing through an old game from your childhood, something strange starts happening. The game warps, and reality seems less real. Find out what is going on before it’s too late. But to stop the curse, you need to face the truth.


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  1. The concept of a skeleton delivery man game with bike tricks was fairly believable as a 90s game, I have to admit.

  2. That was a cool game! I like that the ending wasn't horrible and tragic like most games dealing with guilt over a loved one's death. It seemed more like a coming to terms with the guilt or a semblance of healing. Thanks for the video fun, and sick tricks my Dude!

  3. this jump scare me out, glad you somewhat gave a for the bad heart and weak of constitution? warning???

  4. HEY, Jared and Karl. You caught me at a good time again. Loving all these vids. Is it just me, or are you uploading every day, pretty much?

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