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Top 5 Reasons Monero Is The KING of Crypto

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Today we get back to basics and discuss some of the core reasons why Monero is the true top dog in crypto. We cover a lot regarding the fundamentals to the project and give an overview of the base value proposition. Enjoy!

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Intro: 0:00:00
1. Privacy & Fungibility: 0:03:15
2. Continued Development and Advancement: 0:10:00
-Atomic Swaps: 0:15:40
-Haveno: 0:18:20
-P2Pool & Seraphis: 0:24:30
3. One of the Most Legally Compliant Coins: 0:29:40
4. Scalable & Efficient: 0:35:00
5. Decentralized Mining: 0:51:50
Outro: 1:02:00

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  1. You should go over to Trader University and watch his video called "Crypto Meltdown", that man is giving people suicide prevention hotline and Tips for Bitcoin Bros not too off themselves edition this dip. 😂🤣😭 These Bitcoin people are DELUSIONAL bro.

  2. 0 confirmation is like paying cash, they don't really check if the cash is legit or not, but if you show up with a 500€ bill, they are definitely checking that

  3. These people who don't understand that the tail emission of Monero is smaller as a percentage of the total Monero supply than the percentage of the total gold supply added by newly mined gold every year to that supply, which is not inflationary is mind boggling.

    Unlike gold, after this month, it doesn't matter if Monero goes to $5 million USD per Monero, the block reward will remain 0.6 Monero. If gold went to $7500 an ounce gold mining operations would expand and ramp up mining operations. This is simply a fact. The tail emissions of gold would increase, but for 5 millennia gold has been the number one hedge against inflation and the world's premiere store of value. Monero is at least on par with, if not far superior to gold as a store of value provided society continues to function. In an apocalypse, gold is better, but if there is an apocalypse that would be the least of anyone's worries.

  4. Oh no, I have to use the open source Cake Wallet on F-Droid because Apple and Google complied with an unconstitutional federal gag order on the Monero community's free speech rights with a CalyxOS phone or I need to run the Monero Wallet on Tails.

    If there is anything the Great Firewall has demonstrated, absent completely severing the network a la North Korea, if something is on the web, it can stay on the web and there will be a way around the censors that will become common knowledge.

  5. You are right about privacy having value too. Gold bars held in a private non-bank vault in Singapore are more valuable than a contract denoting your ownership of gold with some commodities broker in a Chicago firm.

  6. I could melt the scrap gold from discarded consumer electronics down & cast it into gold bars and trade it anywhere in the world for essentially the same price give or take a couple of percentage points of the current market rate per ounce of gold. That is a strong store of value and has been for 5000 years because you could take gold to anyone at any time and get roughly the same value throughout that history. For most of the last hundred years you could do that with a US dollar. After 1973 it was weakened considerably, but that whole time, like Gold the USD has been a good medium of exchange. Monero is more like Gold and pre-1973 USD than Bitcoin.

  7. Privacy is even more fundemental than fungibility. Much more so. Just ask anyone if they are happy to have their bank account visible for the whole world. Maybe even just ask them if they are happy to share it with you, from now on forever. Of course no one wants that. Very simple, case closed. No need to always talk about "not it's not just about criminals". The brain can't process negations. If you start "it's not for criminals", the message that sticks is "It's for criminals". No need to talk about this, at all.

  8. Crypto is supposed to be decentralized.
    Monero is most centralized crypto because of centralized mining and RandomX hoax. It’s just a shitcoin.

  9. 1:02:35 A GOOD OWWA , A GOOD OWWA !!! Lmao Matt i love ur videos man one OWWA feels like 2 mins when u explain these things

  10. if it's good enough for the josé sanchez'es of the web then it's good enough for me

  11. A ‘reputation’ structure would be good, esp to build trust with in person (which is definitely the best)

  12. The best show about Monero and privacy on the net. Thanks Matteo, great information.

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