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#dydx #mangoprotocol #gmx #kwenta #strategies #bearmaret

00:00 The top 7 protocols in order to tread, is their price good or not? Useful details and strategies
01:11 The first protocol, the biggest one: DYDX
01:52 Mango Protocol on Solana
02:04 LINK IN THE CORNER How Mango works, the basics of the protocol
02:33 The leverage and the assets
02:54 Which protocol you should use? Four main categories in order to evaluate them
03:05 1) The blockchain
03:23 2) Which asset do you wanna trade
03:44 3) About Fees
04:53 Perpetual Protocol, the main difference
06:31 GMX
07:23 Something you should pay attention to
08:26 Metavault Trade
08:36 Mycelium
09:08 Gains Network, gTrade
09:45 Kwenta
10:33 Many others will come, Defi Llama table
11:45 What should be the fair value for each of these protocols and in terms of price, which are the difference among them
12:59 A tool to understand how much each protocol is producing in terms of revenues
13:33 Something I highly encourage you to do, suggestions to invest
14:21 Back to our ranking, the level of hype, how many followers each protocol is having
15:38 The Market Cap, the Fully Diluted Valuation
16:14 About Mango
17:03 About the Token of Kwenta
17:31 Just to summarize
17:46 What we need to see
18:20 What we need to understand in this market condition
19:05 Conclusion


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