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TORNADO CASH PROTECT your PRIVACY: tips, tricks and risks

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#tornadocash #security #anonymity
Tornado Cash is the gold standard when we talk about being anonymous on blockchain, but in order to achieve your goal, you should pay attention.

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00:00 Tornado Cash how does it work and a couple of thoughts
01:33 The app: how does it work
02:10 Why not all the assets are supported
03:33 Security the metric related to the level of security
04:39 More Anonymity Tips: what you have to do in order to be for real anonymous.
05:09 Using of VPN
06:09 Keep secure your private key
06:45 What is the API Token
08:10 Be patient
08:40 Use of multiple addresses for withdrawal
09:31 Use of Relayers
09:53 Pay attention, suggestions
10:44 Keep your note. The compliance tool
11:44 Conclusion
12:24 A big database


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  1. Listen, what can you tell us about NEAR Protocol? Does it have complete data integrity or not? I know that the developers are open in their actions, it would be interesting to know about their anonymity, can you tell?

  2. Thanks man another super informative video. It would be great to get a view of what your portfolio looks like when you have the time. I've been following your channel since around 2k subs and don't think ive seen a video on it. I think your viewers would be interested in this as you seem like a very pragmatic investor. Thanks !

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