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Travel Care – What is Travel Care – How it Works – Travel Care Review

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Travel Care – What is Travel Care – How it Works – Travel Care Review
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The inspiration for Travel Care came from a group of travel professionals who are passionate about the freedom and excitement of world travel and who see the parallels between cross-border currency and cross-border travel. Over the past few years, travel has changed and so has the economy. Uniting the worlds of crypto and travel provides people with freedom on a variety of planes.

The goal of this united system is simple: create better value for travelers

From day one, the Travel Care platform offers flights from more than 600 airlines and accommodation in more than 500,000 hotels worldwide. With fast transactions, no cross-border fees, and amazing loyalty rewards, Travel Care is becoming the choice for people who value their freedom of movement in both the physical and digital worlds.

Transparency builds trust. We use a blockchain so anyone can audit that we keep our word in terms of the transaction fees, liquidity pools, investment back into the company, and token burns. Our team takes full responsibility for the venture and you can read about each of us below.

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When it comes to your travel, you can trust the professionalism of our team. When it comes to crypto, you can trust the transparency of everything we do.


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  3. Travel Care is the first travel website with Crypto Rewards that accrue through a blockchain-based tokenomics system.

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