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Ukrainian Flag Swipe

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Here’s a beautiful flag to show love and support to the brave people of Ukraine!

This swipe is inspired by the “bloom” technique but uses a different recipe. All of my colors are mixed with American floetrol (about 1:1 floetrol to paint unless the paints were thicker to start with) and thinned with just a touch of water. My pillow/base paint was the same. The swipe paint / cell activator is Amsterdam Titanium White mixed only with water!

Base/pillow: Titanium White (Sargent)
Cerulean Blue (Blick Studio Acrylics)
Metallic Blue (Sargent)
Primary Yellow (Blick Studio Acrylics)
Metallic Gold (FolkArt)
Cell Activator: Amsterdam Standard Titanium White (mixed with water)

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I’m Anna, a mom of 3 living in small-town West Virginia. I’ve been fluid painting since 2019 and loving every minute!

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Music: “Wandering Soul” by Asher Fulero


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