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Universe Planet Nodes (UNIV) – DeFi Passive Income Project

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Today we look at Universe Nodes (UNIV), which is a crypto DeFi passive income project, based on the node system. We will look over potential earnings, how to buy UNIV, as well as a review of the project as a whole. Could this be the next THOR, STRONG, or DRIP?

This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and is not in any way financial advise.

Universe is a blazingly fast and innovative DaaS on the Avalanche network. Passive income up to 2,044% APR, NFTs, Sustainability & Metaverse in your pocket. Create your planet today and get lifetime rewards off it. You will find all the documentation related to Universe here.

The total supply is 42 billion UNIV tokens. The launch price is 42B tokens for $10,000 ($0,000000238095238 per UNIV). 100% of the liquidity were added during the fair launch, on 01/25/22. The minimum to create a Planet at launch is 42,000 UNIV ($0,01). With the burn mechanism, it makes the supply elastic based on the supply and the demand. A portion of the liquidity is reserved for yield farming and staking across multiple selected products whose rewards are also bought back and burned as explained here. Wallets are subject to Smart Daily Limits as explained here.

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  1. Why did you make multiple planets instead of just putting all the coins in one planet? It say's it's only 42000 unvi to create a planet that is around $9. You said 2k to create one I'm confused.

  2. You don’t need to do MIM to avax. You can convert any avalanche chain coin to univ. avoid any fees at all cost 💪

  3. Hi may I ask you a few questions: for example I put in 20000univ in a planet, will I earn 4% per day right? All four hours I can either compound or claim or I can do that all 2 day for example? „Estimated per day“ is the amount I earn each day, right? Sorry for asking so many questions🙈

  4. Question, I know there is a 28% processing fee when you compound. Does that 28% processing fee come your total node amount, or only the amount of $UNIV that you’re compounding back into your original node?

  5. Could you please explain how you upgrade your planet to the next level? I think it is via compounding? But how many compounds does it take to reach the next level? Thank you in advance!

  6. Anyone know how to add the NFTs to your metamask wallet? When I add tjhe PLANET contract ID it asks for a token decimal

  7. Everytime I try to go to the Observatory, all I get is a spinning universe symbol. Sort of reminds me of the death ring on the old Xbox… Any ideas on how to get around this so I can use my freshly purchased UNIV and get my hands on a couple planets?

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